Introduction to building web services in golang environment deployment (1)


As a new era programming language, golang has become more and more popular. Today, we start to build a web service that can be applied to the production environment step by step;


Step 1: download the golang environment. The latest version is 1.14, so we should not be too aggressive, just use version 1.13;

Download environment:

Domestic image address:

If you are using Windows 64 bit, select the corresponding version


Step 2:

Configure environment variables:

Right click my computer > Properties > advanced system configuration to start adding environment variables

Gopath = C: \ “work \” go (the address can be changed according to your preference)

Go root = C: (go environment installation address)


Add two items to path




OK, we can open the CMD console and enter go version to see if it is OK. The following is the normal situation;

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