Introduction to browser tools: think sky browser, team work browser


This is a pure browser without advertising, specially designed for high-performance people.

Want to day browser
What are the features of the sky browser?
1. Powerful tag grouping allows you to bid farewell to messy tag groups

Easy to use application bar on the left, easy to manage 2

3. Simple and easy-to-use newtab page

4. Built in website navigation and personal navigation

5. Support immersive label bar to reduce application fragmentation

6. Support mobile browsing mode and one click switching

7. Upcoming functionteam function

8. Other general functions

1. Label grouping function

Task grouping management
Want to day browser support tag grouping, you can easily manage my tag groups. At present, the latest version of safari also introduces the concept of tag group, but think that day browser has more optimization for multiple tags, which is easier to use combined with the left column.

Different tag groups will not cause interference, making your web page management more concise.

After closing the browser, the tag group remains and returns to its previous state at any time.

2. Powerful left column

Collapsible left bar
We added the left column as the main carrier of function.

The left column can easily switch label groups and drag and sort label groups. Simple double-click interaction can quickly create and delete label groups.

3. Simple and personalized new tab
New tab for personality switch
We have created a simple and personalized new tab where users can view my navigation, my bookmarks, website navigation and history.

The new tab supports setting wallpaper. When browsing the web, you can also right-click the good-looking picture and select set as the new tab wallpaper.

My navigation is completely customizable. You can add it to my navigation when browsing any website. Unlike bookmarks, my navigation will open cooperation with the team in the future. Can be easily shared with the team.

4. Built in website navigation and personal navigation
Personal navigation management
Network navigation
At the bottom of the left column, we have added a website navigation function, which is an office navigation. Here you can quickly find some commonly used office websites and add them to personal collections and team collections (to be launched soon). After adding, you can quickly open them in the new tab.  

5. Immersive label bar
Automatically change the color of the label bar according to the theme color of the website
The browser will automatically match a label bar color for you according to the logo theme color of the website, which can achieve a more seamless browsing experience without bangs. The changeable label bar makes you feel good every day.

6. Support mobile phone mode
One click switch to mobile phone mode
Auto zoom out browsing
You don’t need to know any technology. Just click the mobile icon in the left column to quickly switch the website to mobile mode.

7. Team function
Positioning as a work browser, how does it lack teamwork? In the future, we will gradually open up, including team collection, team password management, team communication, team online summary and other functions will be added one after another.

8. Other common browser functions
The browser also supports simple password manager, web browsing, web translation, advertising shielding and anti tracking, focus mode, import and export bookmarks, picture in picture playing video and other functions of conventional browsers. I won’t introduce them one by one. Author: xiangtian team collaboration browser…Source: BiliBili

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