Introduction to API and SDK of graffiti Internet of things


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Our series of articles will focus on how to complete the development of an intelligent “airtight kissing machine”. Hope to help the long-distance or foreign love lovers!

In this article, we will explain the definition of API and SDK~

1APIApplication Programming Interface, API

Let’s start with an introduction to the Encyclopedia of international customs

API (Application Programming Interface) is some pre-defined functions, or refers to the agreement of different components of the software system. It is used to provide a set of routines that can be accessed by applications and developers based on a certain software or hardware without accessing the source code or understanding the details of the internal working mechanism.

Let’s illustrate it with a few examples

Example a:

As far as Howard’s “kiss machine” prototype is concerned, suppose we give the app end to the supplier. If the supplier wants to get the data in the device, it needs us to provide an API so that the supplier can directly access it without knowing the structure of the device. The pink box is the API~

Introduction to API and SDK of graffiti Internet of things

Example B:

Take an example from life. Your boyfriend / girlfriend bought you a cup of milk tea (Yangzhi Manna is recommended here. It’s super delicious). In order to drink the drink (although you don’t know what’s in it), you can drink it through a straw. This straw is API.

Example C:

Imagine that you have to boil water at home. Then your steps are as follows:

  1. The kettle is full of water;
  2. Plug in the plug
  3. Press the water switch
  4. Wait for the water to boil.

In the above process, you can use the power provided by the power station as long as you plug in the socket of your home with the plug of the kettle (if there is any error, please advise).

OK, through the above three examples, I guess you should have a certain understanding of the API. The application of API can be seen everywhere in our life. Welcome to give more examples below.

Now, in the Internet of things, let’s introduce the SDK

2SDKSoftware Development Kit, software development kit

Examples of international customs are as follows

Software development kit is a collection of development tools used by software engineers to create application software for specific software packages, software frameworks, hardware platforms, operating systems, etc. Generally speaking, SDK is the SDK used to develop applications under Windows platform. It can simply provide some API files for a programming language, but it may also include complex hardware that can communicate with some embedded system. General tools include utilities for debugging and other purposes. The SDK also often includes sample code, supporting technical notes, or other supporting documentation to clarify basic references.

Let’s give another example.

Example a:

Let’s say we have an app for the “space kissing machine.”. In order to obtain the user’s location information, a map application is built in the app, so every time couples open the app, they will have the following three processes:

  1. Couple a opens the “space kissing machine” app;
  2. “Space kissing machine” app wakes up the built-in map application;
  3. The map application feeds back the geographic location information of the user;
  4. Couples can see each other’s location.

In the above process, the built-in map application in the “space kissing machine” app is what we call the SDK.

SDK is very easy to understand. We won’t give so many examples to illustrate it. If you have a more understandable example, you can leave a message below~

3APIandSDKThe relationship between

API and SDK play a very important role in an end-to-end development. Similarly, let’s illustrate their relationship through an example~

This time, we don’t need our “kissing machine” as an example. Let’s take “LEGO” as an example

API: LEGO block’s “particles” (used to connect two Lego blocks);

SDK: a large bag of Lego building blocks with various small tools

Through API and SDK, we can complete a complete LEGO!

I hope that through this article, we can have a simple and crude understanding of API and SDK!

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