Introduction of software architecture C4 model


Introduction of software architecture C4 model“C4 model”:

representativeContext, container and componentandCode——A series of layered charts can be used to describe different scaling levels of software architecture, each chart is suitable for different audiences.


To create a map for code, we first need a set of general abstractions to create a ubiquitous language to describe the static structure of software system. C4 model usagecontainer(applications, data storage, microservices, etc.)assemblyandcodeTo describe the static structure of a software system. It also takes into account the people who use the software system.



The first layer is the system context diagram, which shows the software system being built and the relationship between the system and users and other software systems.


The second layer is a container diagram, which enlarges the software system and displays the containers (applications, data storage, microservices, etc.) that make up the software system. Technical decision-making is also a key part of the diagram. The following is an example of the container diagram of the Internet banking system. It shows that the Internet banking system (virtual wireframe) consists of five containers: server-side Web application, client-side single page application, mobile application, server-side API Application and database.


The third layer is the component diagramTo enlarge a single container to display its components. These components map to real abstractions (such as a set of code) in the code base. The following is an example of component diagram of a virtual online banking system, showing some (but not all) components in the API Application.


Two spring MVC rest controllers provide access points for the JSON / HTTPS API

Layer 4 code
Finally, you can zoom in on individual components to show how they are implemented. The following is an example of UML class diagram of a virtual online banking system


C4 model does not predefine any specific symbols. In these example diagrams, you can see simple symbols, which are suitable for whiteboard, paper, note, index card and various chart tools. You can also use UML as a symbol, and use packages, components, and prototypes appropriately.

C4 model is a simple way to communicate software architecture at different levels of abstraction, which can tell different stories to different audiences. It’s also a way to introduce (and often reintroduce) rigorous and lightweight modeling to software development teams.

In Java, there is a tool to help us test architecture with code drivenArchUnit in Java。

There is also a book to recommendCoding an Architecture Style.

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