Introduce 15 practical plug-ins for Unity3D development


Admob Unity Plugin: Admob Unity Plugin provides a way to integrate admob ads into Unity3D Game and u3d applications, it is an Admob SDK plugin for Unity3d, this plugin makes it easier for js and c# developers to add Google ads in Unity3d games , supports iOS and Android, supports admob interstitials and banners,

Vectrosity: In Unity3D, you can use the Vectrosity plug-in to draw straight lines, points, curves, and boxes. This plug-in can be said to be the best tool plug-in for drawing lines that Unity3D has found so far.

2D ToolKit: 2D Toolkit is often used to make 2D commercial games. It is a set of tools that seamlessly integrates with the Unity environment, providing efficient 2D sprites and text systems.

NGUI: NGUI is a plug-in that strictly follows the KISS principle and is written in C#. It provides a powerful UI system and event notification framework, and is mainly used in interface design. Supports Flash, supports language localization, that is, multi-language, supports image high- and low-definition configuration, and will continue to update with unity.

Itween: iTween is an animation library, which can easily realize various animations, shaking, rotation, movement, fading, coloring, audio control, etc. The core function is to interpolate values ​​such as displacement, scaling, and color.

Bitmap2Material: Bitmap2Material is a powerful tool to help you generate seamless materials (normals, heights, highlights, etc.) from bitmaps, and can also help you generate complete, high-quality, seamless The tile-like material (maps such as normal, height, highlight, ambient occlusion, etc.) of , is mainly used for image enhancement.

Scaleform: Scaleform is dedicated to the user interface design of video games. The user interface designed by Scaleform includes multiple platforms such as PS3, XB360, Wii and PC. Currently, more than 600 games are using Scaleform to develop the game interface, including: “Civilization 4”, “Crysis”, etc.

Playmaker: A visual scripting language with a high degree of good interface, high integration, powerful functions, and easy modification. Developers only need to connect the integrated functional modules through logical relationships to quickly create the required functions, which is very suitable for non-programmers and project production.

BIG Environment Pack Vol.2: An environment development plug-in with many scene model environment packages. Shrubs come in 8 different species with a total of over 80 varieties. Grass has 5 different species with a total of over 21 variants. There are 8 different types of plants, with a total of 22 varieties. There are 8 different types of trees, for a total of 240 varieties. Grass has over 40 prefabs

ProBuilder: ProBuilder 2.0 allows users to perform fast, highly optimized, editor-level construction. Generate and texture custom geometry from environment details, to structures, to the overall level. Author and test with instant feedback and zero interruption to the authoring process

Cemetery Starter Pack: Cemetery Starter Pack has more than 20 sets of resources, allowing you to quickly build a cemetery scene. This pack contains the mobile and desktop versions of the model plus 1k and 4k map textures

Substance Designer: Substance Designer 3.5 is a comprehensive tool for 3D artists who want to create more artwork, but have less time and few software options. You can see the real look of the final material in real time, and apply it directly to your model and the Shader you choose.

Top-Down Assets Mobile: Top-Down Assets Mobile is a game view kit, the set includes about 90 environment models: bushes, trees, tree trunks, modular ruins, modular buildings, many handcrafted map textures, ground, There are also some particle effects etc. The average number of drawcalls on screen is 30-90 and 20-40k for tris

FX Maker: A software designed to provide special effects production processing for unity game developers. Included resources: 300 special effects, 300 textures, 100 meshes, 100 curve animations. FX Maker contains 300 special effects Prefabs. Support for Mesh, Legacy and Shuriken particle systems

Mixamo: Mixamo is a 3D character animation online generation tool that can create high-quality animation. There are tons of free moves for you to download. It can meet the needs of people of different levels, whether you are a professional or a non-professional.

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