Intranet penetration tool based on electron



Intranet penetration tool based on electron

Intranet penetration tool based on electron

The first time I write, it’s estimated that it’s a little bad typesetting. Forgive me for being Xiaobai~

brief introduction

  1. Strong performance, faster reaction speed

  2. Support local arbitrary port, can be used to develop local website, no server is needed

  3. User defined domain name is not supported at present. Only two domain names are allowed by default, but any sub domain name can be supported


Follow these steps:

git clone
cd electron-proxy
npm install
npm start

Software package

npm install grunt-electron-installer --save-dev
npm install grunt --save-dev

Speed may be very slow, because of network reasons, recommended to use Taobao NPM image

It can also be downloaded directly

  • proxy-win-x64 – Windows x64

  • proxy-win-x32 – Windows x32

Finally, attach the source code point, I point me, if you like, give a star~~