Interviewing a 31 year old IOS developer touched me a little. Where should programmers over 30 go?



Recently HR gave me a resume. I just saw my resume at the age of 31? I’m a little surprised. In fact, development tends to be younger now. Most of them are post-90s and post-95s. After all, software development is not like hardware development. The higher the age, the more popular it is.

31 years old, IOS development engineer, working experience of 7 years, 5 years in outsourcing companies, 2 years in start-up companies.

Often can hear on the net some so and so company clears some personnel over 35 years old, the small editor work also has more than 4 years, to tell the truth, also a little confused, specially Baidu looked up the way out of the 30-year-old program ape, found that there is such a topic on the know, “where should programmers over 30 years old go?”


Interviewing a 31 year old IOS developer touched me a little. Where should programmers over 30 go?
  • More than 100 W of reading shows that more and more programmers are paying attention to this topic.

In recent years, from the Internet to the Internet of things, in fact, there are quite a lot of developers over 30 years old, but almost all of them are front-end developers, that is, front-end development engineers. IOS development engineers rarely encounter development over 30 years old. It happens that a 30-year-old developer has come. To be honest, I’m still looking forward to it. I hope it can enlighten me.

Because the time was a little awkward, the interviewer sent me a message at 1:00 noon. In order not to affect the rest of others, the better to meet in the cafe downstairs

Interviewer: “I’m here”
Xiao Bian: “I immediately went downstairs and began to wait in the coffee shop downstairs. After waiting for about 20 minutes, the interviewee came, wearing a T-shirt and daily clothes, and walking in a hurry. I guess this person should come to interview.”

The process lasted half an hour

Interview details

Small details

If there is a delay due to some things, you should communicate with the person who arranged your interview in the past. After all, in the actual interview process, there will be many objective reasons, such as traffic jams and so on

  • Personal small suggestions, say hello to HR in advance, may arrive later. In fact, some companies may need to provide some technical support to customers. In fact, HR and the interviewer have negotiated on the time point of the interview. Therefore, an interview opportunity may be lost.

Why do job seekers always interview without resume?

This is the case with this interviewee, and his resume is not complete. It is difficult to make a complete resume. I don’t know whether it is the HR export template, printing problems or the resume itself. In fact, it is almost impossible for me to see that his project experience has an almost complete project. I didn’t remember anything except who he was and what technology he was familiar with.

Most people’s ideas are now online resume, so there is no need to bring a resume.
The resume is actually our first stepping stone. You should know that HR does not know technology. Generally, the project team will put forward requirements on what skills the candidates should have. HR then finds out the resume that meets the requirements from the massive resumes. This requires that we should work hard and be patient on the resume and treat him as your girlfriend.

Good resume, can let the interviewer get your point quickly. Find out what skills you have and what roles you played in previous projects. Pay attention to the key points. Don’t over package your resume. During the interview, you will encounter some interviewers. In fact, in order to show your own interviewers, in fact, in this project, you may play the role of a team member. If you have a good reputation, you should write this project as an individual.

This interviewee and I are actually colleagues. He worked in the same client company before. He may not have thought of it. What he did was a unified payment project. In fact, I had business contacts with this project team before. This project is one of the top projects. He told me that he completed the project alone. I’m a little suspicious

  • This is outsourcing to the client company. In fact, when the client company designs the project personnel, it will be a problem. After all, those who have done outsourcing know that the outsourcing personnel are losing a lot. Therefore, it is almost impossible for one person to be responsible for a project.

To tell you the truth, I’m not familiar with swift development, and I’m still in the stage of swift 3.0 a few years ago. Therefore, the interview opportunities focus on these questions. We also asked some questions from the bottom of OC. However, the results were not very satisfactory. Even I, who is not familiar with IOS, can’t convince me. So I can only say that I have no chance with our company. I hope you can find a suitable job as soon as possible.

As an 8-year IOS developer, and almost all of them are in outsourcing companies. To be honest, I don’t agree with this. It’s not that Xiaobian has any prejudice against outsourcing. It’s the industry.

Outsourcing, you can contact with different projects, can improve your knowledge, but the improvement of your technology is not very big
Before I worked as a service provider for related projects in an outsourcing company. The architecture was controlled by the architect, and the requirements, as well as some details, were followed up by the person in charge. Even if some table designs and API interface documents were negotiated by the front-end responsible person and the back-end service personnel, some were handled according to the documents. Of course, these are just what I’m talking about Some individual phenomenon, do not like spray.
The core things are almost untouched, and the framework is well built. Every day is repetitive work. For example, the back-end may be crud, so that the technology can be improved.
In order to ensure that after many years, I still have the core competitiveness, I summarized the following points:

1. Understand the latest technology

Technology updates are very fast. For example, when Xiaobian just came out of the society, almost all IOS interview requirements were OC based. Now, IOS interview is about the bottom + algorithm + bonus items, etc.

2. Deep learning of the underlying source code

Technology upgrading is very fast. However, every technology is derived from the idea of a certain technology, or derived from a certain technology. For example, OC is convenient. However, these technologies bring convenience to us. If you do not understand the underlying layer and encounter problems, you will be very passive. You should know it and know why.

3. Keep a modest heart and know that there are others outside

You can attend some technical conferences, or join some technical groups or editors. In the process of blogging, you know a lot of technical bigwigs,

4. Form a suitable learning method

Technology is endless. In the process of learning, we should form a set of our own learning methods. The learning method of small editor is to watch the video of a certain technical point, and then go to some blogs specifically to see how everyone understands it, so as to better understand and understand. After a period of time, I will summarize this part of knowledge and share it through blog writing. Because, from time to time, there will be some big men to give you comments and put forward some of their own views, so as to form a technical exchange, which will improve the technology. In the process of learning, encountered some problems, small editor will add some specific knowledge point of the technology group


Interviewing a 31 year old IOS developer touched me a little. Where should programmers over 30 go?

Xiaobian is working on a small video project recently. In fact, I’m confused about the audio and video development. After receiving this demand, baidu also checked some information, which was very chaotic, and there was almost no systematic information. If you ask some questions in the group, many big guys will not keep them. They will give you answers when they have time. I believe that all of us who do technology are like this and are very helpful. In fact, sometimes, when I see some questions I know in the group, I will also put forward my own opinions.

5. Think about the future direction

You need to pay attention to several time nodes. When you are just out of school, you should be able to go to large factories as much as possible. Of course, the premise is to ensure that you can survive. As a matter of fact, Xiaobian also met some people who were a bit difficult to find their own business. They also looked down on outsourcing and didn’t want to outsource such companies or smaller companies.
Personal suggestions:
Generally about graduation, normal should be about 22 years old, we are all adults, also have their own ideas, out of school, do not look for parents, their own self-reliance, have a job to do first, in addition to work, improve themselves. Make sure you can survive in the society first, and then talk about other things.

In 3-4 years, at this time, we should think carefully about the direction of personal career development, which is to develop towards technical methods or management.

6. Knowledge payment

After the stage when our technology is difficult to make progress, we can seek payment for knowledge, paid special issues and professional live tutorials.

Good health

Good physique, you can better study, this is some of the premise, so you still have time to exercise, don’t waste like Xiaobian (used to run, can run 5 km, now 1 km is breathless), in fact, it is because you can’t move is 996 overtime. At that time, when you were young, you also wanted to work hard. Remember, once I crossed the road after work at more than 2 a.m, Call a taxi home, at that time, the mind is a blank, almost an accident, almost hit.

  • As a matter of fact, the occupation of procedural ape determines that we may not be able to avoid working overtime. However, we should take a proper amount of time and take a look at the news about procedural ape on the Internet. Therefore, we should be vigilant, ensure our health and exercise when we have time.


All walks of life will eliminate some poor abilities, not just the IT industry. Therefore, don’t be frightened by such topics as “program ape is eating youth dinner”, and don’t feel that if you find a job, you can enjoy a comfortable life. While you are at ease, others are struggling to move forward, so that the gap with others will be more and more distant. Come on, hope, we every Be a better person.


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    Interviewing a 31 year old IOS developer touched me a little. Where should programmers over 30 go?