Interview with Fu Qingming, vice president of Jingdong group: after 11 years of deep cultivation in cloud computing, taking advantage of “new infrastructure”, infrastructure technology development presses the accelerator key


Interview with Fu Qingming, vice president of Jingdong group: after 11 years of deep cultivation in cloud computing, taking advantage of

Behind the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, it is very important to choose who to go with

By Zhou Wenmeng

With the introduction of the new infrastructure industry policy in 2020, the process of digital transformation and upgrading of the whole industry has been further accelerated. Internet technology giants have launched their own strategic layout of new infrastructure, with hundreds of billions of investment, showing a strong determination to catch up with the digital wave.

Among the many Internet giants that actively embrace the new infrastructure, in March this year, JD cloud and AI business division officially announced that the former three brands of JD cloud, JD artificial intelligence and JD IOT will be unified into the brand of “JD Zhilian cloud”, which was officially launched on March 5. It will rely on JD’s “ABCDE” strategy to build a social cloud service infrastructure.

In fact, earlier in December 2019, JD has just completed the integration and establishment of its cloud and AI business division, which has continuously strengthened its technical layout. It has upgraded its technical services into the four core business domains of JD, which are parallel with retail, logistics and digital technology. Behind the frequent actions of JD Zhilian cloud, it also reflects that JD Zhilian cloud, as the core channel and technology cornerstone of JD’s export technology services, is also accelerating to participate in a new round of industrial digital wave layout.

In the wave of industrial digital transformation and upgrading brought by the call of new infrastructure policy, what kind of challenges will the enterprise digital transformation and upgrading face? As a member of the digital wave, how will JD Zhilian cloud lay out its new infrastructure strategy? Facing the future, what new directions and possibilities are constantly attracting a large number of new infrastructure participants?

During the recent series of interviews and reports on “new infrastructure 50 people” specially planned and launched by InfoQ, InfoQ reporter had an in-depth communication with Fu Qingming, vice president of Jingdong group and head of cloud foundation R & D Department of Jingdong Zhilian. Part of the answers are revealed in the dialogue.

Interview with Fu Qingming, vice president of Jingdong group: after 11 years of deep cultivation in cloud computing, taking advantage of

△ Fu Qingming, vice president of Jingdong group and head of cloud infrastructure R & D Department of Jingdong Zhilian

01, new positioning and new ideas of JD Zhilian cloud

At present, Fu Qingming is mainly responsible for the R & D and operation of Jingdong’s infrastructure, undertakes the overall basic services of Jingdong group, guarantees the internal business operation of the group, provides continuous competitiveness, exports infrastructure services to meet the diversified needs of cloud customers.

As the first batch of senior practitioners engaged in cloud computing in China, Fu Qingming led the team to develop and launch the earliest PAAS platform SAE in 2009; Then in 2010, it launched the earliest social sharing storage in China – micro disk. After leaving Sina, Fu Qingming served as CTO in jinshanyun and LETV cloud successively, and joined Jingdong at the end of 2017.

Fu Qingming summed up his overall thinking on the development of JD Zhilian cloud based on his years of thinking on cloud computing industry and his accumulated experience in cloud computing technology R & D and business exploration in Sina, jinshanyun, LETV cloud and other enterprises.

Different from some enterprises in the industry, Jingdong has been operating retail and e-commerce business for a long time. Through the continuous expansion of upstream and downstream, it has accumulated a large number of industrial resources and technical capabilities, integrated the supply chain through the self-supporting mode, and formed an advantage platform. These differences in the initial background, From the beginning, Zhilian cloud has the development idea of “industrial ecology” – not taking single point technology as the core, but taking the platform advantages accumulated by Jingdong group for a long time to integrate all the internal and external resources that can be integrated. While effectively supporting the group’s business, Zhilian cloud provides technology empowerment to the industry in the form of “face-to-face” to make the ecology bigger.

In terms of specific measures, at the beginning of this year, Jingdong group determined“Technology and service enterprises based on supply chain”Based on the long-term accumulation of the group in retail, e-commerce, logistics and other aspects, the new positioning of the group is committed to accelerating the use of AI, big data, cloud computing and other emerging technologies in each business line, and further separating the common technologies and services used in each business line to empower the industry.

“Jingdong is not only an Internet enterprise, but also a link between supply and demand. It can reach the consumer Internet and industrial Internet at the same time. It is an enterprise that has been most thoroughly transformed by digitization and intelligence, and has moved the real economy to the Internet.”

In Fu Qingming’s introduction, since he adhered to the route of self-management at the beginning of his business, Jingdong was able to reach and have insight into every link from creative design to production and manufacturing, marketing, trading, warehousing, distribution to after-sales service, connecting commodity flow, information flow, logistics and financial flow. Therefore, Zhilian cloud, as a key business department carrying the internal basic technical support and external technical capability output of Jingdong group, also has more comparative advantages that peer enterprises do not have.

02. The key to the transformation of digital intelligence is with whom

With the acceleration of digital transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, the willingness of enterprises in various industries for digital and intelligent transformation has been highlighted. However, due to the lack of understanding of industry digitization and intelligent transformation, and the lack of clear planning of business strategy, enterprises often do not know which direction they want to develop.

“Although there are many directions for transformation and upgrading, there is a lack of systematic judgment and analysis.” In Fu Qingming’s introduction, in the process of accelerating enterprise digital transformation and upgrading, relevant enterprise leaders are strengthening learning and absorbing relevant digital knowledge concepts,While doing a good job in the business strategy of the enterprise itself, it has become extremely important to choose suitable partners to work together to develop digital and intelligent solutions to match the business strategy

Taking the enterprise business cloud as an example, Fu Qingming combined with his long-term deep cultivation in the field of cloud computing, elaborated his own prediction for the next step of the overall domestic cloud computing industry development and enterprise cloud development trend.

According to the market data released by Gartner in 2019, the underlying resource-based services in China’s cloud computing market account for 60%, and the SaaS service level only accounts for 30%. In contrast, in the global cloud computing market dominated by the United States, the underlying resource services account for less than 25%, and SaaS services account for 64%. In Fu Qingming’s view, for the domestic cloud computing industry, after a long-term development and layout of cloud resources, the development trend of the whole industry from IAAs layer to PAAS and SaaS layer has been extremely obvious.

In the whole field of cloud computing, due to the homogenization of underlying technology and increasing competitive pressure, the business layer close to users often brings greater value to enterprise operation, and the recognition and willingness to pay of enterprises are stronger. For enterprises or individuals who have been deeply engaged in specific industries for a long time, the closer the service is to the enterprise strategy, the higher the added value it can bring to the enterprise. In the whole field of cloud computing, “basically everyone is moving to the service layer, and they all hope to do SaaS from the industrial Internet.”

From a long-term perspective, technology does bring about some leapfrog development, but it often depends on the breakthrough of some theories or underlying models. At the industrial level, most of the time, the competition is often mixed with non-technical things such as service and marketing“For enterprises, digital transformation and upgrading also means cost. The necessity of digitalization and cloud of their own business also needs to be considered very clearly.”Fu Qingming said.

To a certain extent, the transformation and upgrading of digital industry is not a linear relationship in a strict sense, but an interaction and interconnection. Through cloud capability, it can better promote the connection and collaboration of the whole link, help enterprises jump out of their organizational boundaries and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain for communication and collaboration, accumulate the ability of intelligent technology through connection, continuously improve the cost-effectiveness, reverse promote the upgrading of infrastructure digitization, and deploy more industries and industrial Internet, Form a cycle of industrial value growth.

From this point of view, behind the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence, it is very important to choose who to go with. After all, compared with single point technology, enterprise service also needs to consider many factors such as long-term industry understanding, experience, reputation accumulation, etc.

03, data center in the context of new infrastructure

Although from a long-term perspective, the service layer can bring greater benefits, but it is based on a solid underlying infrastructure, which is also the original intention of the country to vigorously develop new infrastructure, to really consolidate the underlying infrastructure platform. 5g, edge computing and other new technologies and scenarios also put forward new requirements for the underlying infrastructure in terms of layout, technology research and development, operation and maintenance.

In the past two decades, the rapid development of China’s economy has benefited from the construction of infrastructure, which provides a strong guarantee for China’s manufacturing industry to become a world factory. In the next development process, the digital economy will promote the further upgrading of the economy. In this context, the new infrastructure in 2020 will further focus on the foundation of digital economy and help the country carry out the infrastructure construction of digital economy.

In the previous sharing process, Zhou Bowen, vice president of Jingdong group and chairman of the group’s technical committee, once compared the transformation process of human beings to physical entities with “atomic movement”. In this process, it information technology, which plays a role in transmitting information, is accelerating people’s movement of “atoms” with the role of “bit media”, and the cost is lower Higher efficiency and better experience.

The new infrastructure will accelerate the world to become more digital, networked and intelligent. By moving bits, the atomic speed can be improved more effectively, and the twin digital world corresponding to the physical world can be created.”In Fu Qingming’s introduction, with the development of the new infrastructure policy, more and more enterprises will speed up the follow-up layout.

In terms of Jingdong’s participation in the new infrastructure layout, Fu Qingming focused on the idea that Jingdong will rely on the big data center / Supercomputing Center to carry out advance layout in all major regions of the country, and is committed to building an intelligent supply chain platform serving enterprises from the basic level to the service level by relying on Jingdong’s e-commerce, logistics, digital technology and other capabilities, To supplement and optimize the supply chain of enterprises, and accelerate the digital transformation of related enterprises.

It is reported that, nationwide, at present, JD Zhilian cloud has completed the overall layout of 4 regions and 10 zones, and there are dozens of IDC facilities all over the country. In the future, it will also actively expand the layout of self built data centers to meet the multi-dimensional needs of partner data center transformation.

“In terms of R & D, we will invest a lot of money and personnel, mainly in the R & D of corresponding technologies for infrastructure, including modular data center, new power supply and refrigeration system, energy recovery and reuse, customization of servers and accessories, network customization, etc. at the same time, we will also rely on JD’s artificial intelligence technology to develop supporting intelligent management system, To ensure the efficient and stable operation of the data center. ” According to Fu Qingming,At present, JD Zhilian cloud has released its first full cabinet server and self-developed white box switch

At the end of the interview, I talked about how I felt as the head of the cloud infrastructure R & D Department of JD Zhilian, fighting for a long time in the field of cloud resources with increasingly fierce competition and more transparent rules. Fu Qingming expressed his views from the perspective of a senior industry practitioner.

“Although the bottom layer of cloud resources is becoming more and more open and transparent, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce, the construction and operation of data center, as a hot field with high professional barriers and extremely scarce professionals, still has a very full potential for investment layout. In addition, cloud computing itself is a to B business. Customers pay more attention to long-term stable and continuous high-quality service supply, and the competition is relatively benign. ” Fu Qingming said.

In Fu Qingming’s introduction, data center, as the most core computing capacity bearing platform of the whole IT information industry, can not only extend the business of server equipment and core component research and development to the upstream, but also extend the subdivision business of data management, analysis processing and application to the downstream“This field is becoming sexy, there are many opportunities, and there are many things to do in the future.”Fu Qingming said.

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Interview with Fu Qingming, vice president of Jingdong group: after 11 years of deep cultivation in cloud computing, taking advantage of