Interview summary of the latest Alibaba Tencent headlines, meituan and other IOS




Recently, spring recruitment has been in a tense interview, and now it has won the headline offer, so it’s not so nervous. I decided to share the interview questions with you. Welcome to discuss. Now let’s share the following questions.

Meituan side

I can’t remember 23333

Mainly ask some technical points of the project

How to make a label left, a label right, and then the right label can be fully displayed

The odd number of the algorithm is in the front, and the even number is in the back

Intelligence problem, a rider delivers meals, ABCD store, for four people

The realization principle of KVO

The procedure of message calling

The difference between get and post

What are the parts of HTTP

The difference between TCP and UDP

Seven layer model

Meituan two sides

Talk about response chain

How to find the viewcontroller through a view

How to expand the response range of view

How to realize wechat sharing big picture, from the perspective of process

Communication between processes, and examples

Two processes point to the same address space and initialize a value respectively. What are the outputs

Algorithm to determine whether all uppercase letters of a string are in front of lowercase letters

After modifying the podfile file, how to use git diff to show the difference between the modified version and the current version, let me design it

The process of program execution

If you want to delete a piece of your own code, how to delete it (in the process of program execution)

Have you ever used scripting

Do you know the front and back end

Results of all subjects

As a developer, it is particularly important to have a learning atmosphere and a communication circle. This is my IOS communication group: 761407670 password 000. No matter you are Xiaobai or Daniu, welcome to join us. Share bat, Ali interview questions, interview experience, discuss technology, and let’s learn and grow together!

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Interview summary of the latest Alibaba Tencent headlines, meituan and other IOS

Ali side

First introduced the project, and then asked some questions in the project, and then began to ask the foundation

The keyword of the property

The difference between shallow copy and deep copy

Circular reference, how to solve and principle of block

Three kinds of blocks

Comparison between block and delegate

The realization principle of KVO

The implementation principle of autorelease pool

Message forwarding mechanism

Four conditions of thread deadlock

The difference between process and thread


I also asked about the knowledge of the database. I said I forgot all about it, but I didn’t ask

I also discussed where the massonery constraint should be written. I said it should be written in layoutsubviews. He said it would be called many times, and then argued for a while

Two sides of Ali

Introducing the project

performance optimization

Yymodel and AF source code

How to design your own JSON to model


The puzzle of algorithm

Interview summary of the latest Alibaba Tencent headlines, meituan and other IOS


Ali three sides

An Android interviewer…..

Mainly asked some things about the project and asked me how to realize some scenes

Introduce yourself to some difficulties of the project

What is the main thread relative to

What determines the memory footprint of an image

The role of index

Advantages and disadvantages of index

Find the minimum number of K in the array

How to optimize Taobao drop-down loading

The process of sending HTTP request on Taobao page

Let’s talk about MVVM

What design patterns do you know

Headline side

Some disadvantages of MVC

Let’s talk about other architectures

What kind of coding do you know

Algorithm string flipping


Multithreading and their differences

The relationship between queue and thread

A thread safe problem

What locks do you have

The keyword of the property

Can assign be used for OC objects

The difference between copy and strong

How to automatically assign nil to weak

Why use copy for immutable objects

Can asset be used in objects

Two sides of the headlines

The difference between pod update and pod install

The difference between layoutifneeded and setneedslayout

The principle of capturing HTTPS by packet capture tool

The relationship between isequel and hash

SD source code

The structure of bitmap

Realization principle of variable array

How to hook a method of an object without affecting other objects

How to avoid if else

The difference between spin lock and mutex

Three sides of the headlines

Introduce the project, mainly introduce their strengths

Will the elements in the array cop copy a new one

Shallow copy and deep copy of array

Why is TCP three handshakes and four waves

It’s basically a form of walking, mainly asking about some personal things…..

Tencent side

Introduce the network layer of the project

Why use HTTP??? Why not use TCP directly

How to ensure the arrival of HTTP transmission

What are the contents of HTTP header

Talk about congestion control

How to implement binding in MVVM

What are the differences between block and notification

Algorithm. I asked several questions in a row, all of them are arrays, progressive layer by layer, but I forgot, only remember to find out the repeated numbers in the array at the end

The difference between process and thread

When a program is running, what else does the operating system have besides allocating memory space

The way of interprocess communication

How to detect whether the application is stuck

It seems that there are not many problems. I can’t remember them clearly. Then he finished, and I felt very fast. Thinking that I was going to hang up, he forced me to talk about runloop and performance optimization. Then he said, you can talk about it with the next round of interviewers

Two sides of Tencent

The structure of object in OC


What is Ping agreement

Do you know MTU

How long is the TCP head and IP

The way of thread synchronization

What are the locks in IOS

The difference between MVC and MVVM

What design patterns do you know

Save an address book, including adding, deleting, modifying and querying. What data structure do you use

What source code have you seen and how do you think about it

Two linked lists find the first same node

String rotation

Find the penultimate node of the linked list

Put a list that is larger than a certain value on the left, and the list that is smaller than it on the right

Binary tree in order traversal, non recursive

Baidu side

I don’t know why my resume will be taken by a department doing the bottom development, and then the interview will be very embarrassing, all computer foundation

Let’s think about it

The difference between process and thread

What are the areas of a process

congestion control

The way of interprocess communication

Seven layer model

The difference between TCP and UDP

What do the transport layer and the network layer do

UDP can achieve one to many??

Algorithm to find the longest subarray of array

The difference between http2.0 and 1. X

Write at the end

The above interview questions are certainly incomplete, which can only be remembered according to my impression. Even if it is a seemingly simple question, if you don’t really understand its principle, you are likely to be confused in the interview process, so you must lay a good foundation and know what it is and why it is.

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As a developer, it’s very important to have a learning atmosphere and a communication circle. This is my goalIOS communication group: 761407670 group password 000, no matter you are Xiaobai or Daniu, welcome to settle in, share bat, Ali interview questions, interview experience, discuss technology, everyone exchange, learn and grow together!

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