Interview series (II): NiO and netty


NiO and netty interview questions


  • Explain the principle of NiO?
  • What is the difference between bio / NiO / AIO? What are the implementations?
  • Tell me about the principle and implementation of NiO? Which classic technical idea does NiO use? What optimization does NiO do in JDK1.8
  • Understand the common problems of multiplexing mechanism. What are the differences between synchronous blocking, synchronous non blocking and asynchronous?
  • What is the difference between select, poll and eopll?
  • Linux Network IO model
  • Which libraries or frameworks use NiO?
  • The underlying implementation of event driven multiplexing in redis; Extended to NiO programming
  • What problems did NiO solve
  • Have you ever known Mina?
  • What is the core of NiO( IO thread pool), ask the design mode of IO package (decorator mode), why is it designed like this? Is there a better design?
  • NiO model, especially the responsibility and implementation principle of selector
  • The difference between select, poll and epoll
  • NiO process introduction, how NiO achieves multiplexing


  • What about netty distributed task scheduling?

  • What are the advantages of netty? Is there anything wrong with that?

  • NiO, netty, network protocol, OS interaction involved

  • Netty NiO asked questions about the process

  • API gate design of netty

  • Netty thread model (source code torture)

  • Several threading models and architectures of netty

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