Interview series (4): spring related


Spring related

  • Brief introduction of spring working principle
  • Circular dependence problem
  • Spring / spring boot starts the loading process? How does springboot work? What are the benefits of using springboot?
  • Describe the IOC and AOP of spring
  • How is spring task implemented?
  • How do you use spring transactions? With @ transitional annotation, what does spring do? How do you know if the transaction is successful
  • Which injection method do you usually use? What is the difference between beanfactory and ApplicationContext? Which one is used in your project? Let’s talk about the life cycle of spring beans
  • What is the principle of AOP implementation? Two trendsHow does it work? JDK newsWhy implement interfaces?
  • What is the default transaction propagation property of spring? When does a nested transaction commit a child transaction?
  • What is the relationship between spring and spring MVC? Have you ever used jdbctemplate? 16. What is the processing flow of the whole request in spring MVC? Which view is used to return JSON?
  • IOC principle, AOP principle and Application
  • What is the basic logic of spring MVC? What are the common annotations of spring MVC?
  • The scope of bean in spring, the difference of several scopes, is the controller of spring MVC thread safe? How to ensure thread safety?
  • For the understanding of spring, explain the two characteristics of spring carefully. Let’s talk about tangent plane and tangent point in AOP. What annotations have been used and their life cycle
  • Do you know spring’s scope? Since it is a singleton, how can we ensure that the value of a variable may change with the access of different people?
  • How does the automatic configuration of springboot work?
  • How to start the spring container?
  • How to design IOC framework for spring IOC process
  • Spring life cycle, the difference of several scopes, and the realization of AOP
  • What are the springboot core configuration files and what are the differences? What are the core annotations of springboot? How to understand the monitor of springboot?
  • Which kind of attribute injection or constructor injection has the problem of circular dependency?
  • Spring transaction propagation common problems, spring transaction propagation mechanism implementation principle.
  • A JDK dynamic proxy
  • The principle of spring transaction
  • Several core classes and request process of spring MVC
  • @The role of Autowired
  • Is spring’s singleton bean thread safe?
  • Talk about spring source code, IOC, AOP source code
  • Steps of configuring spring MVC interceptor
  • What mode does dependency injection belong to?
  • Spring exception handling
  • Spring bean management process
  • Then, can I configure multiple facets for a single tangent point?
  • What design patterns does spring use and what distributed caching does it use?
  • What kinds of injection methods does spring have and under what circumstances
  • When performing an operation, the first 50 times are successful, and the 51st time is failed. A rolls back all operations. B submits the first 50 times, and throws an exception for the 51st time. How to set spring in AB scenario? (Communication)
  • How to achieve (guarantee) the consistency and integrity of transactions, and the type of transaction propagation mechanism in spring;
  • HTTP request flow of spring
  • Spring underlying data structure?
  • The basic experimental principle of spring AOP. The relationship between AOP and cglib, and ASM. The life cycle of spring IOC, init method, intilizing bean interface method, and the sequence of afterpropertieset;
  • @When and why transactional annotations fail.
  • How does. Spring maintain the beans it owns
  • When class A and B depend on each other, how can spring load these two beans
  • What is spring’s bean loading mechanism and loading process; when does bean die;
  • Do you know about spring bean loading? If you write such a framework yourself, how would you write it?
  • What object should spring controller return to jump to a new page and pass the data?
  • How to implement the related methods when the container is loaded in spring;
  • Override a bean in the spring IOC container
  • How to implement spring’s transaction management and programming
  • The main role of IOC
  • How to implement Di with pseudo code.
  • What is automatic configuration? What is spring boot stater? Can you give an example to explain more about staters? What other starter project options does spring boot provide? How does spring quickly create product ready applications? What is the easiest way to create a spring boot project? Why is spring initializer the only way to create spring boot projects? Why do we need spring boot Maven plugin? How to use springboot to reload my application automatically? What is an embedded server? Why do we use embedded servers? How to add general JS code in spring boot?

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