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First of all, I’m sorry to tell you that I’m too busy after the new year. I’m so busy taking children, recording videos and changing jobs. A lot of things are crowded together. I’ve been broken for four months accidentally. I’m really sorry to my friends who have always supported me.

From today on, I will try my best to stick to the monthly shift and share the driest dry goods with you. Old sky will start racing again. Please sit down!!! (in fact, I want Zhou Geng in my heart, but Ali is so busy that he can’t squeeze out time for even more months. Fortunately, overtime makes me happy, 555)

Background introduction

First, introduce the background. Jiege stone is an older state-owned enterprise c# code farmer. Although he has been longing for bat in his heart, he always feels that his technical water is not enough, so he has been improving himself and waiting for opportunities.

In early March, an Ali friend who had a good relationship with me saw a post of c# development expert on the intranet, which was very suitable for me, so he asked me if I was interested. Although I am very interested, I am afraid that my ability is not enough and have some concerns. On second thought, even if I can’t face it, I can understand what I still lack, so I made up my mind to try.

Because I have no interview experience in recent 5 years, I especially lack relevant experience. When preparing my resume, I feel very uncomfortable and don’t know where to start. After more than two weeks of preparation, I submitted my resume to my friends to help me push. (my friends despise me. It’s harder to work than the national football team)

Although the resume passed smoothly, I couldn’t wait for the email. My friend asked me several times because the interviewer was too busy to spare time (it is estimated that I will work overtime like him in the future, 555). After 10 days of waiting, I finally waited for a phone call.

Official start

The electronic interview officially began. Hereinafter, Ali interviewer is referred to as dl.

At about 9 pm, I received a call from Ali pictures. I quickly put on my headphones and answered the phone.

DL briefly introduced myself and asked me if I have time now. The electric plane may last for 30 minutes. I’ve been waiting for this call every night recently. I have to have time

DL first asked me to introduce myself. I’ve recited this paragraph many times. I happened to have an impression note on my computer, so I read it again. (I was nervous originally, but I relaxed a little after reading the self introduction)

DL then asked me what I was good at. I said that my JS foundation and c# foundation were OK. I used more front-end recently and was helping geek college record a JS teaching video.

DL asked several front-end questions:

  • What is the difference between the inline element onlcock and the onclick bound by jQuery?

  • Can you tell me what is event bubbling?

  • Can you tell me what a prototype chain is?

Self evaluation: I didn’t expect to lose face at the beginning. These knowledge points are very familiar, but they have been mended in recent days Net foundation, ignored JS, a little rusty, answered in general.

DL didn’t continue to ask the web and began to ask Net related questions:

  • What is the difference between equal() and = =? Who should be used to compare string types?

  • What is the difference between value type and reference type?

  • When to catch exceptions and when to throw exceptions.

  • How to design login? Should I give an error code or throw an exception? Give your reasons.

  • Two businesses refer to each other. How can we design to avoid circular references?

  • Tell me Net. What algorithms do you know about the garbage collection mechanism?

  • I don’t remember some. Wait.

Self evaluation: I’ve been focusing on it recently Net foundation, I answered this part well, but DL will ask each question in depth until I can’t answer it, which is a little embarrassed.

After asking about the foundation, DL continues to ask about the business

  • Do you understand design patterns? Talk about some patterns you often use in your work.

  • How to implement a singleton pattern in c#?

  • How to deal with the concurrency problem of singleton mode?

  • In addition to using locks, what other methods can solve the concurrency problem?

  • Is there a concurrency problem in the thread stack?

  • Are global variables allocated on managed heap or thread stack?

  • How do you quickly locate faults in your work?

  • wait.

Self evaluation: I answered this part carelessly. I reviewed less about design patterns and threads, answered relatively shallow, and answered other questions quite well.

Finally, DL asked me, is there anything I want to ask him? I asked, if I had the honor to join Ali, what aspects of business development would I be mainly responsible for?

DL briefly introduced the current business of Alibaba pictures, then said that overtime may be required at work, and asked me if I could accept it. I said there was no problem with reasonable overtime.

DL also asked me how I felt about this email. I decided to flatter him, praised his questions very well, had a good communication with him, and looked forward to working with him in the future, so I successfully concluded this email.

The questions I can remember are the above. I feel so careless. The next day, my friend told me that I passed the interview. I borrowed a sentence from Ma Yun’s father to describe my mood. My dream still needs to be there. What if it comes true.

Let’s share the email with you first this time, and then share the on-site interview next time.

If you want to talk to me, you can pay attention to my official account or small circle “brother house” and look forward to your joining.

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