“Interpretation” what is the power of Huawei cloud desktop


With the rapid development of cloud computing and the rapid expansion of government and enterprise business, there is a new trend of office digital transformation. Independent innovation and cloud are changing the traditional office mode. Mobile light office based on mobile phone and pad is becoming more and more popular, and mobile office and fixed office scenes are integrated with each other.

In the traditional office mode, when enterprises purchase desktop computers, laptops and other hardware terminals, there are some problems, such as high one-time cost, long procurement delivery cycle, cumbersome operation and maintenance of multi location office, and unable to guarantee data security. In recent years, government and enterprises have put forward new demands for the office scene, and have been exploring new solutions for the office desktop and new entrances to digital office. Virtual desktop infrastructure VDI meets the demands of enterprise mobile office and safe office to a certain extent, but there are still problems such as few terminal types, high initial investment and operation and maintenance costs. With the company’s business expansion, deployment and operation and maintenance will become more and more complex.

Today, the rapid development of remote office, video conference, cross PC + mobile office application, data sharing, online education, online medical treatment, online government and other businesses has further promoted the office into the cloud digital era. As a result, Huawei cloud’s new cloud native desktop service, Huawei cloud desktop workspace came into being and became the first choice for modern office of enterprises. Because it not only meets the demands of enterprise mobile office and secure office, but also has the inherent advantages of cloud computing, flexible deployment and minimalist operation and maintenance. It also supports a variety of terminal access and convenient call of cloud office services, so as to meet the office needs of multiple scenarios. It will completely break the shackles of the traditional office mode, reduce the overall cost (TCO) of the enterprise and let users “carry their bags”.

Deploy resources quickly and flexibly
Enterprises use traditional computers for office work, with high one-time purchase cost, fast software and hardware upgrading and cumbersome configuration upgrading / change. Generally, they will face the risk of elimination in 2-3 years.
Huawei cloud desktop is a SaaS based office desktop service on Huawei cloud, which can be purchased and used immediately. It can flexibly apply for and adjust the specifications of CPU, memory and disk of the desktop according to the needs, and deploy at the minute level.

Simple and efficient operation and maintenance management
The unified management of users’ resources, permissions and operation and maintenance has changed from offline decentralized operation and maintenance to cloud unified operation and maintenance. The problem response speed and efficiency have been improved, greatly reducing the workload of operation and maintenance. Support the unification and standardization of user operating system and business application through standardized template, and realize the normalized management of it office platform.

Comprehensive protection and data security
Virus attack, information leakage, illegal access, data monitoring and other office security problems are the trouble of almost all enterprises, especially in remote office. Huawei cloud desktop has three security mechanisms: access terminal, transmission pipeline and cloud platform, and 10 key measures to realize data non landing, traceable behavior and auditable process, so as to avoid all kinds of data security risks in enterprise office. At the same time, through multiple strong control security strategies, such as explicit / implicit desktop watermark, peripheral control, file transmission control, etc., information leakage and security risks are greatly reduced.

Mobile collaborative free office
Not limited to the office location and equipment, employees can directly access the office space with one click at any time. The application response does not depend on the processing capacity of the terminal, but directly uses the superior performance of the cloud desktop server to greatly improve the application processing speed and user experience.
Through the Huawei cloud network covering the world, the smooth office experience can still be guaranteed in the case of packet loss < 5%.

Ultimate HD smooth experience
E-commerce, games, industrial simulation, fashion design and other industries have high requirements for the color rendering authenticity of office terminals. Through Huawei HDP (Huawei delivery protocol), Huawei cloud desktop can bring users a smooth office experience under high-definition visual enjoyment, and ensure yuv444 true color lossless display, professional 10bit color deep, smooth and delicate, and smooth 4K / 60 frame high dynamic scene.

As a cloud desktop service designed and built based on the original architecture of Huawei cloud, Huawei cloud desktop can easily call various services on the cloud, realize the capabilities of dynamic configuration change, resource level expansion and online continuous evolution, and help government and enterprises build a convenient, safe, low maintenance cost and high service efficiency cloud office system.

Huawei cloud desktop is a general office cloud desktop, which supports a variety of configuration options to meet various office needs. Huawei cloud desktop is not only “hard”, but also through the “platform + ecology” mode, with open API & SDK, it supports industry partners to carry out standardized integration, quickly realize the cloud application of industry, provide users with one-stop industry office desktop, and better meet the personalized needs of different users.

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