[Internet plus] HUAWEI cloud track CloudIDE strategy: clear business scenarios, quickly develop plug-ins


Summary:Self designed and developed plug-ins based on Huawei cloud IDE and plug-in development framework.

IDE is a necessary production tool for every developer. A good combination of IDE and plug-in can not only help developers write code, organize projects and compile and run in one environment, but also greatly meet their own personalized needs and improve development efficiency.

“If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools”. In order to let the majority of developers know more about the IDE and plug-in itself, you can save the cumbersome steps of local environment configuration to complete the actual development of plug-ins. This “Internet plus” competition industry proposition HUAWEI PaaS cloud topic launched the related topics: CloudIDE plug-in development.

Introduction to competition questions

Let’s take a look at the description of the competition Title: contestants need to design and develop plug-ins based on Huawei cloud IDE and plug-in development framework.

Specific requirements:

  • The submitted plug-in can be run to solve certain business scenarios, including but not limited to: programming language teaching, algorithm learning, code inspection, project management, development efficiency management, small games, etc;
  • The plug-in development needs to use the specified development framework;
  • Submit plug-in code compression package or plug-in package;
  • The plug-in has instructions.

Interpretation of the competition topic: learn cloudide and clarify the business scenario

Since the development environment has been set for the topic, the key before starting is to understand Huawei cloud ide.

Huawei cloud IDE is a cloud development environment service. You can access the cloud development environment quickly through the browser, and support coding, debugging, running and preview. Users can leave the local system and realize end-to-end application development on the cloud.

If contestants want to better develop relevant plug-ins, they need to learn cloudide help documents and cloudide plug-in development documents in advance to systematically understand cloudide from simple to deep.

At the same time, understanding the implementation principle of cloudide plug-in development framework and the front and rear communication principle will help you develop plug-ins faster.
[Internet plus] HUAWEI cloud track CloudIDE strategy: clear business scenarios, quickly develop plug-ins

In addition, players can refer to a series of practical tutorials, API and command documents, and plug-in samples provided in the cloudide plug-in development guide to quickly develop their own ide plug-in with the help of the cloudide platform.

After talking about cloudide, another element of this topic is to develop plug-ins, which is an open proposition. There are no restrictions on the type of plug-ins. You can realize certain business scenarios through plug-ins, or solve the pain points in the process of using ide.

If you feel that coding is boring, you can write a plug-in for programmers to encourage teachers. Let it remind you to take a break after you have been coding for an hour. When you submit the code, you will be praised, so that you will have a full sense of achievement.

If you are a time management expert, you can design a performance statistics plug-in to record your daily working hours, code volume, submission times, etc.

Of course, you can also open up ideas in development and efficiency improvement, such as word translation, code reading bookmarks, rapid debugging, code hot update, etc. Even put the little overlord game into the IDE plug-in

Huawei cloud ide User Guide

Above, we simply popularized the operation guide of Huawei cloud IDE for you. In fact, the design of this product includes Huawei’s technology accumulation in computing, network, storage, security and intelligence. It has very powerful functions, especially the features mentioned below.

first,It is an on-demand development tool, developers can access the cloud development environment by accessing Huawei cloud ide through intelligent devices. The coding, debugging, running and preview functions can be used out of the box without complex environment configuration.

secondly,It has a good development experience in various high-level languages,Mainstream programming languages such as C / C + +, Java, python, nodejs, go and PHP are natively supported. More languages can also be supported by installing plug-ins. For various emerging programming frameworks, cloudide realizes the reuse of application frameworks and example projects by interfacing with Huawei and developer tool devstar, so as to avoid developers starting from scratch.

Third,It can easily take advantage of cloud resources, the computing resources used in the IDE can span Kunpeng and x86 technology architectures, easily access cloud infrastructure, and use built-in capabilities to deploy the developed applications to the cloud with one click to quickly verify capabilities.

Fourth,It can greatly enhance the innovation of developers。 Through the open plug-in integration mechanism, open source plug-in development framework, open API integration interface and various code engineering templates of Huawei developer tools, industry developers can quickly realize experience and technology inheritance, and application developers can focus on their own business logic and business innovation.

Fifth,It deeply integrates artificial intelligence and cloud technology, improve the productivity of developers in the coding stage through intelligent coding assistance, achieve the coding goal with the least keyboard input as much as possible, and realize the same good experience as single software debugging and quickly locate the problem in the complex environment of multi micro services through cloud debugging technology.

With the blessing of these technologies, how easy cloudide is to use depends on the players’ deep excavation!

High score introduction

If you want to stand out from many works, the plug-ins developed by you must realize certain business scenarios and operate normally. It should be noted that they must not be the same as the functions or codes of existing friend plug-ins (such as vscode).

From the scoring dimension of the competition, the innovation, technical realization and delivery, commerciality and division of labor and configuration of the team are also very important.

Take innovation as an example, including novel intention, neat and elegant code, certain design and so on; In terms of team, the division of labor and cooperation should be clear, and the organizational structure and staffing should be reasonable. The technical route of the project is clear, and the technical tools are mature and reliable. In addition, a well-designed and feasible business model is more likely to get high scores.

Finally, I would like to remind you once again about the schedule of the “Internet plus” competition: the deadline for application and submission of the works is August 31st, and the final of the preliminary round is closed to September 30th. It is expected that the national finals will be held in mid and late 10. Click to enter the competition page for more information.

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