Interesting HTTP header information


Interesting HTTP header information

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Original author: Francesco Carlucci

A few days ago, I wandered through creditkarma’s blog and found this HTTP header:

X-hacker: If you're reading this, you should visit and apply to join the fun, mention this header.

My first thought was, “Wow, in the past, we used to use millennium bug to save some data. Now the company provides a complete job opportunity in the HTTP header!”

It made me curious, so I did some research!

If you host your site on the WordPress VIP, an enterprise WordPress hosted solution managed by automated, this particular header appears to be the “default” heading. You can find the same title on many famous websites, such as:


Developers and site owners can disable it, but to be honest, I suspect they don’t even know to include this header in every site HTTP response. Of course, my second idea is to check whether other companies have any form of advertising header.

The result is amazing!

You can find multiple job openings in the HTTP header

Yes! The coolest companies in the world seem to offer jobs in the following HTTP headers:x-recruiting

Some examples are:

x-recruiting: If you are reading this, maybe you should be working at PayPal instead! Check out

x-recruiting: Like HTTP headers? Come write ours:

x-recruiting: Is code your craft?

x-recruiting: Seems you like http headers. To write ours, apply at and mention this header.

Do you need a complete list? I created a GitHub repository for this: HTTPS:// -offers-http-headers

Jobs has provided a lot of things, and in my research, I’ve found more creative things, because I’m glad I’m a mysterious fanatic of nonsense.

Mysterious HTTP header

Nine , a website that seems to distribute the verification code system, tells us 42 is secret information:

X-Secret-Message: 42 They are no longer maintained, but a web form is hidden in their title.


I submitted There’s a sauce hidden in the title of, but it’s Confidential:

x-secret-sauce: Confidential

Images- There are also “secret” links in one of his HTTP headers:

X-Secret-Message: There is a header to detect the robot:

X-Bot: false

But it doesn’t work well, and if you cheat the user agent, it fails (sorry, Jaguar).

But… You’ve seen itWith a nicknameOfServer?Here are a few:

X-ServerNickName: clint

X-ServerNickName: The Internet

There are a lot of expectations for us to explore, we are in M Our friends on showed us all their passion for HTTP headers:

x-powered-by: Passion and tiny cute kittens
x-servernickname: The Beast
x-hacker: If you are reading this, maybe you should be working at bidorbuy instead


It seems that many fascinating IT companies have additional HTTP headers, most of which contain jobs.

So I think it’s cool to add extra titles to the site!


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