IntelliJ idea2019 license expired activation JetBrains 2019 series latest License Activation Method (with registration code)


IntelliJ IDEA 2019JetBrains is the latest professional Java language development integrated environment, IntelliJ idea powerful static code analysis and ergonomic design, make your development and design simple and easy, IntelliJ After indexing your source code, idea provides a fast and intelligent experience by providing relevant suggestions in various environments: instant and intelligent code completion, instant code analysis and reliable refactoring tools.

The previous activation file has expired. Here you can download the installation free version, including activation crack patch + 2019 latest registration code. You don’t need to install it, just follow the tutorial to crack it!

Software name:
IntelliJ idea 2020.1 enhanced Chinese green flagship Version (with Chinese package + method)
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Update time:
2020-04-14Download now
Software name:
JetBrains clion 2020.1 Chinese activation green version (with registration code + patch + activation tutorial) 64 bit
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Update time:
2020-04-15Download now
Software name:
JetBrains pychar Pro 2020.1 professional edition Chinese portable green enhanced version (with method)
Software size:
Update time:
2020-04-14Download now

Crack activation tutorial

The activation method is universal. Take IntelliJ idea as an example

1. Running the green version of the software will prompt that the activation has expired, as shown in the figure below:

2. Patch JetBrains crack-4.2-release will be activated- enc.jar Copy to bin directory

3. Find idea64 exe.vmoptions (64 bit system) or idea.exe.vmoptions (32-bit), right-click to open it in Notepad mode,

4. Add on the last line- javaagent:javaagent :d:\xxxx\ideaIU\bin\JetbrainsCrack-4.2-release- enc.jar
Java agent: plus JetbrainsCrack.jar The path to the file, and then save Notepad(javaagent:d :\xxxx\ideaIU\bin\JetbrainsCrack-4.2-release- enc.jar Is the actual path of your file, add according to the actual situation)Then close and save Notepad

5. When you restart the software and select the interface in the acquisition code, write the registration code (if the code is too long, please download it on the download page)

Latest activation method

1. From the folder where you unzip the activation tool, copy JetBrains- agent.jar Put it in a folder randomly, but remember the path. You can also choose to put it in the IntelliJ idea 2019.3-bin directory to prevent accidental deletion.

2. Start idea and keep going to next. First select evaluate for free trial, and then click evaluate to enter idea

3. After entering the idea main page, click Configure = > Edit custom VM options

4. Then, add a paragraph of javaagent: let’s play JetBrains with you- agent.jar Absolute path of

5. Save, restart idea, and then click Configure = > Manage license… In the lower right corner to prepare for activation

6. Select activation code to activate and copy activation from the unzipped folder_ CODE.txt Then paste the contents into the activation code registration box of idea, and then click OK to complete the registration and activation.

IntelliJ idea 2019 Chinese method

1. Download and install IntelliJ idea 2019 in our website

2. Resources_ cn.jar Copy the file to the directory of IntelliJ idea / lib

5. After sinicization, re open IntelliJ idea 2019 to display Chinese.

Note: the editor has extracted the software for the installation free version. At the same time, the Chinese package has been integrated in it. No installation required. There is no need to sinicize, just follow the tutorial to crack.

If the garbled code is displayed after opening, please delete resources first_ cn.jar Then open IntelliJ idea and select
File > Settings > appearance & behavior > appearance > check override default fonts by (not recommended)
Name: Microsoft YaHei (select any Chinese font)
Then add resources_ cn.jar Copy to the. Lib directory and open IntelliJ idea again to display Chinese

New features

1. Editor

2. Menus and toolbars

3. Status bar: displays the status of the current project, idea itself, and some other status related information

4. Navigation bar: helps locate and navigate files in a project when editing files

5. Tool window bar: located on the top, bottom, left and right of the idea interface, there are buttons for displaying and hiding the tool window

6. Tool window: auxiliary class window. Idea provides a variety of auxiliary windows to help complete a variety of tasks, such as project management, code lookup, version control, etc

The above is the detailed activation tutorial of JetBrains 2019 compiled by developeppaer. I hope it will help you! Welcome to follow other software tutorial information of developeppaer!