IntelliJ idea 2020.1.3 install jrebel hot deployment plug-in and cracking tool with activation tutorial


Jrebel is a hot deployment plug-in for IntelliJ idea. When modifying a project, it does not need to restart the project to realize automatic compilation, which improves the efficiency of developers and greatly saves the restart time

First search for jrebel in the idea to support the latest version, then install it. After installation, restart the idea. When you start the plug-in, you will be prompted to activate it

Download the activation tool as follows:

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After the activation tool is downloaded

Run the reverseproxy in the package_ windows_ Amd64.exe application

Enter the authorization address (the following list of guids can be generated by yourself)

Enter custom mailbox :[email protected]

A very important step: set to offline mode, which can be activated for 180 days

After setting, click OK, and jrebel can be activated for free. The validity period is half a year, and it can be activated again when it fails


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