Intelligent home Internet of things gateway mt7688an module industrial 4G router Linux embedded / openwrt development


Mt7688 supports two operation modes: IOT gateway mode and IOT device mode

In the IOT gateway mode, it can be connected to the 802.11ac chipset through the PCIe interface, and act as a dual band 802.11ac synchronous gateway. The high-speed USB 2.0 interface allows mt7688 to be connected to additional 3G / LTE modem hardware or to H.264 ISP as wireless IP camera applications. IOT gateway mode also supports hardware required for smart home applications such as touchpad, Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee / Z-Wave and sub-1 GHz RF.

In IOT device mode, mt7688 supports EMMC, SD XC and USB 2.0, and can play high-quality Wi Fi audio through 192kbps / 24bits I2S interface, or carry out VoIP application through PCM. At the same time, it also supports various peripheral interfaces, including PWM, SPI slave, three groups of UART and more GPIO interfaces.

Functional features

Mips24kec 580 MHz with 64 kb I-cache and 32 KB D-cache

Support up to 256MB ram and SD card

1t1r 2.4 GHz with 150 Mbps PHY data rate

Legacy 802.11b/g and HT 802.11n modes

1-port 10/100 FE PHY

Sd-xc, EMMC, I2C, PCM, I2S (192K / 24bits), PWM, SPI master / slave, UART Lite, JTAG and GPIO

BOJINGnet_ L107 core module is a general WiFi intelligent module based on Taiwan MTK mt7688 / mt7628. It conforms to IEEE 802.11 B / g / N standard, supports 5 Ethernet wired interfaces, configures WAN / LAN, and 1-way USB host connection It can be used in many occasions, such as: wired to WiFi, 4G to WiFi, ceiling AP, 4G router, wireless speaker, wireless storage expansion, wireless image transmission, data transparent transmission, etc.; it has passed FCC CE RoHS and other relevant certification.

The main frequency of MIPs CPU is 580m

Support 64MB / 128MB / 256MB DDR2

Support 8MB / 16MB / 32MB SPI flash

Ultra small size 40 × 25×3.0mm, with stamp interface (half hole process)

The WiFi signal can be led out with i-pex or stamp hole, which is very flexible

Only need power supply 3v3 system can start normally without adding any peripheral, which can reduce the cost

Wireless + wired router solution

Wireless support 802.11b/g/n, mt7688 speed 150Mbps, mt7628 speed 300mbps

The cable supports 1wan and 4lan, 10m / 100M adaptive, and can support 5 wired network ports

? moderate RF power consumption

High speed USB 2.0 host interface with 480mbps

3-way UART (recommended UART0 for system debugging)

I2S digital audio interface

Serial communication interface of I2C

Storage interface of TF Card

Several gpios can be configured in software mode

BOJINGnet_ L107 built-in stable functional firmware, no development, can be used directly and batch. The built-in firmware functions are as follows: 1) 4G LTE to WiFi network port router; 2) industrial 4G router of all network communication; 3) serial port to WiFi router; 4) RS232 / 485 bidirectional data transparent transmission; 5) 4G DTU serial port data transparent transmission; 6) WiFi endoscope (with APP); 7) WiFi wireless router; 8) WiFi printer server; 9) WiFi audio transmission (airplay test version); 10) WiFi storage; 11) WiFi relay amplifier.

What functions do you want to achieve? The comment area tells us, the small editor arranges for you!

Intelligent home Internet of things gateway mt7688an module industrial 4G router Linux embedded / openwrt development

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