Integration of cloud real-time audio and video upgrade to create an integrated communication solution


One year after the launch of rongyun real-time audio and video 3.0, rongyun, the world’s leading Internet communication cloud service provider, recently announced a comprehensive upgrade of real-time audio and video services. Through the integrated solution of “Im instant messaging + real-time audio and video + push”, we can solve all communication scenarios with a set of SDK, and create a first-class real-time audio and video service, which has attracted great attention of developers.

Integration of cloud real-time audio and video upgrade to create an integrated communication solution

Real time audio and video performanceupgrade

Starting from 3.0, rongyun real-time audio and video service starts from practice and constantly summarizes and optimizes the application, which highlights the performance indicators and technical advantages of the upgraded version.

For the quality of audio and video calls that developers are most concerned about, rongyun uses webrtc technology, which fully meets the needs of strong interaction in online education, social games and other scenarios. In terms of video, rongyun provides a resolution of up to 1080p in terms of video, especially suitable for special high-definition scenes; at the same time, rongyun also provides a variety of high, medium and low resolutions for different business scenarios to achieve picture and traffic balance, and the frame rate supports 30fps at most. In terms of audio, rongyun adopts the highest audio sampling rate of 48Khz, which can truly restore the voice of the opposite end, and high-definition audio quality can make both sides of online conference, online customer service and other scenarios more focused.

It is worth mentioning that the upgraded version provides high-definition music mode, optimizes the high-frequency band and weak tone scale of the instrument, highly restores the music details, and brings the user closer to the offline scene experience. It has a wide range of sound range, high sound intensity and tone recovery, and good noise and echo control. It has outstanding performance in echo cancellation, rapid noise reduction, sound gain and howling suppression , strive to bring the ultimate experience of high fidelity sound quality.

Integration of cloud real-time audio and video upgrade to create an integrated communication solution

Cloud music teaching solution

In terms of platform coverage, the real-time audio and video SDK covers the whole platform, including IOS, Android, web, windows, MacOS, Linux, electron, etc., and fully adapts to all kinds of mainstream terminal devices in the market, including the realization of inter platform communication in a variety of intelligent hardware devices such as smart watches, smart speakers, and intelligent access control, so as to fully guarantee the good performance of cloud based real-time audio and video on various terminals Application.

In the aspect of weak network optimization strategy, rongyun not only enhances the ability of anti packet loss and anti network jitter through broadband evaluation, intelligent routing, network adaptation and packet loss compensation, but also achieves the minimum delay of 66ms, and the delay from the host to the audience is less than 350ms for voice live and video live broadcast, so as to ensure good audio and video interaction in weak network environment At present, the anti loss rate of audio is up to 80% and video is 40%. After massive customer business verification, the service availability of rongyun real-time audio and video service reaches 99.9% in terms of stability, connectivity, concurrency / load, etc.

Technical advantages escort communication integration scheme

This upgrade of real-time audio and video services has brought such brilliant technical performance, mainly due to the stable technical architecture of the cloud and the support of audio and video global acceleration ability, and finally brings the best communication practice for developers.

In terms of technical architecture, the cloud stable architecture is jointly constructed by highly reliable im signaling, global link optimization strategy and decentralized RTC communication architecture, and is provided to developers with the overall solution of “IM + real-time audio and video + push”. Customers using RTC lib can quickly build audio and video interaction scenes without docking with SDKs of multiple manufacturers, and realize audio and video interaction, offline call, text chat and other functions.

The technical architecture advantage of rongyun real-time audio and video comes from the highly reliable im signaling, which is based on the connection mode of rongyun im signaling and the global link optimization strategy, so as to ensure the stable connection of long-term audio and video calls and weak network conditions. The highly reliable communication link which has been verified by 300000 applications enables developers to integrate freely, flexibly and reliably. In addition, the decentralized RTC communication architecture makes signaling service and media service decoupled and independent, and achieves lower audio and video transmission delay while ensuring stable connectivity.

The global audio and video acceleration capability based on the global communication network is mainly composed of high-quality data centers, high-quality media services, cross data center cascading and line optimization services. By deploying multiple high-quality data centers around the world to cover countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, rongyun can achieve a global end-to-end delay of less than 400ms, and guarantee the end-to-end direct delay and non perception of real-time interaction. The high-quality BGP data node adopted by rongyun can automatically select the best path for users. Even if a single line fails, BGP can still automatically guide users to choose the best access path. According to the network demand in special areas, it can also provide special line optimization services to ensure the stable operation of global services.

Enhance the scene service and be closer to developers

The core is technology, and service is the essence. Providing the best products to developers is just the beginning. How to make developers integrate SDK more easily and conveniently is the key.

The upgraded real-time audio and video services are more suitable for RTC fields that emphasize low latency and strong interaction scenarios, such as online education, social networking, games, finance, e-commerce live broadcasting and video conference scenarios. In the online education scene, rongyun can provide various teaching functions such as whiteboard interaction, screen sharing, multi terminal device access, etc. In the live broadcast scene, rongyun can provide a complete set of solutions including audio and video connection, audience live broadcast, Mai bit management and interactive chat room. In addition, real estate services such as VR house watching, remote face-to-face signing of financial services, video customer service and other fields involving IM and real-time audio and video applications are all covered by the capabilities of the cloud platform.

Integration of cloud real-time audio and video upgrade to create an integrated communication solution

Solution of voice chat room based on cloud

At the same time, in order to facilitate developers to quickly integrate the audio and video capabilities of rongyun, rongyun also provides several audio and video demo products such as sealrtc, seallive, sealclass and sealmeeting for the above business scenarios. Developers can not only reduce the integration workload, but also refer to the relevant development practice of rongyun real-time audio and video, effectively avoid potential pitfalls in the development process, and shorten the product development cycle from development to online. At the same time, more practical and interesting new functions can be derived from their own products.

At the developer service level, rongyun is also upgrading with the improvement of audio and video performance. In addition to providing developers with 1-to-1 business support, 1-hour quick response to work orders and 7 × 24 In addition to the industry’s highest standard services such as hourly service guarantee, rongyun also provides support from a team of technical experts specially for developers, sharing rongyun’s practical experience in the field of Internet communication cloud with developers for many years. At the same time, according to the requirements of application system architecture design and integration scheme optimization, rongyun guides and assists developers to effectively complete the solution implementation.


Rongyun real-time audio and video is upgraded after one year. After more extensive scene practice, iteration of highlight technology and improvement of many functions, a new concept of “IM + RTC + push” for the next generation RTC is proposed. Based on the leading im signaling channel in rongyun industry, it provides more stable services for developers. In order to meet the needs of developers, demo provides more convenient solutions for developers to meet their needs.

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