Integrated Next.js Efficient front end architecture of DVA and DVA [email protected]/joy




@The goal of Symphony / joy is to create pleasant front-end applications next.js With the ability of server-side rendering and zero configuration, it can develop front-end business as easily as DVA.

The project has been used in the production environment. If you have any questions, help, bug feedback, feature discussion, please contact us or create an issue in GitHub. You are welcome to join us.


  • Zero configuration available, rapid development, integration of react, Redux, react-router4 and ES6, 7 syntax support
  • Support server-side rendering, just add in componentasync componentPrepare()A method to get component data
  • Support static version export, detached Node.js Run, or export static page separately
  • Show components support aync syntax to arrange business logic and monitor business execution results
  • Model layer is used to manage business logic, only four APIs are used to simplify the use of Redux, and async method, task scheduling and model state management are supported
  • use@Decorator way, dynamic registration model and controller, application structure is clearer, coupling degree is also lower
  • Built in service request forwarding service Node.js With the support of, no longer troubled cross domain issues
  • Plug in configuration is supported

Installation and start

functionnpm initCreate an empty project and fill in the basic information of the project. Of course, you can install it directly in an existing project.

npm install --save @symph/joy react react-dom

@Symph / joy only supports react 16 and above

Add NPM script to package.json Document:

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "joy",
    "build": "joy build",
    "start": "joy start"

Then you can start your development work, create./src/index.jsFile and insert the following code:

export default () => <div>Welcome to @symph/joy!</div>

Last runnpm run devCommand, enter the access address in the browserhttp://localhost:3000。 If you need to use another port to start the applicationnpm run dev -- -p <your port here>

So far, a simple and complete react app has been created


Fast connect:

  • User guide
  • Configuration document
  • Plug in list

contact us

Email: [email protected]