Installing SVN in idea


Download SVN and Chinese installation package:


(in the following installation process, administrator rights are required to run these two installation packages: run CMD with administrator rights, and run these two installation packages in CMD)


1. Install SVN

When installing SVN, you need to select [will be installed on…]. If you don’t select it, it won’t appear in the SVN installation directory svn.exe , which will make it impossible to configure in the idea.


After installation, right-click the menu bar to display the SVN function,Choose to run these functions. If you are prompted that the system can’t find a runnable program, restart the computer.


2. To configure the system environment variable path:



3. Run Chinese software (this step is optional)

When installing, you need to check here to make it Chinese



4. Configuring SVN function in idea

 Select File — settings — subversion to configure as follows