Installing SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition (graphical Edition) on Windows XP system


However, the online methods only have text descriptions without corresponding screenshots. I took screenshots in the process of testing, which is more intuitive.

The following is the installation and test process of Haibo:

1. Enter MS   The installation disk or folder where the SQL Server software is located, enter the MSDE directory and find setup.exe.

2. Double click setup.exe in MSDE directory to install, as shown below.

3. Restart the system after installation, and the SQL operation icon will appear in the lower right corner, as shown in the following figure.

4. Re enter MS   On the installation disk or folder where the SQL Server software is located, find autorun.exe in this directory.

5. Double click the autorun.exe to enter the installation, as shown below.

6. Click Install   SQL   Server   two thousand   Component “, go to the next step, as shown in the figure below.

7. Click “install database server” to enter the next step, as shown in the figure below.

8. After the above figure is completed, there will be a small prompt, as shown below.

9. Click OK to enter the following figure.

10. You can only select “local computer” and click next.

11. You can only select the first “create new SQL”   Server instance, or install ‘client tools’, click next.

12. After entering “user information”, click next.

13. Click “yes” to proceed to the next step.

14. Select the first item “client only tools” (the server has already been installed ^ – ^), and click next.

15. Select all components and click next.

16. No operation, go to the next step directly.

17. In the process of copying files, the dialog box “command line parameter error” pops up twice. Just click OK, as shown in the following three pictures.

18. The program is being installed. The interface is as follows.

19. There is no need to operate anything, only wait. The interface after installation is as follows.

20. Click Finish to complete the installation.

21. Don’t worry. Let’s test it again. From the start menu, go to programs – Microsoft   SQL   Server – query analyzer to test.

22. I was not prompted to set the password of “Sa” user during installation, so it is empty. Click OK to pop up the error of “unable to connect to the server”, as shown in the following figure.

23. Don’t worry, because you haven’t trusted SQL yet   Server is associated with the connection. You need to modify the registry slightly. Select run in the start menu, enter the regedit command, click OK, enter the registry editing, and find [hkey_local_machine] \ software \ Microsoft \ MSSqlServer \ MSSqlServer   Item.

24. Find the “loginmode” key in the right window.

25. Double click loginmode.

26. Change “1” in “numerical data” to “2”, and click OK.

27. Restart the computer and repeat step 21.

Note, “SQL   Be sure to fill in your computer name at “server”, otherwise it will not succeed, which may be related to the setting in step 10.

28. Click OK, the connection is successful, and enter “SQL”   Query analyzer.

OK, the installation test is successful.