Installing Python in Windows


1. Open the download address through the browser:





2. Select the version you want to install. I just chose python-3.9.0-amd64 at the beginning, but after downloading, click the prompt after installing

[850E0:8E750][2020-12-09T15:02:30]e000: Detected Windows 7
[850E0:8E750][2020-12-09T15:02:30]e000: Windows 8.1 or later is required to continue installation

My local system is win7, and the installation of Python 3.9 requires that the system version is above windows 8.1. That is to say, if you are win10, you can try the new version of 3.9. Finally, I choose the installation of 3.7. The following is the installation process diagram:





3. Test whether the installation is successful, open the command window, input: Python, prompt the following interface description is successful.


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