Installing MySQL in virtual machine


  • Download MySQL
  • install
  • Configure Mysql to allow remote access

Download MySQL

Download address:
I download the installation version here


Configure Mysql to allow remote access

  • Enter MySQL:
    /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p
  • Use MySQL Library:
    use mysql;
  • To view the user table:
    SELECT Host,User FROM user;
  • Update user table:
    UPDATE user SET Host = '%' WHERE User = 'root' LIMIT 1;
    %If you need to specify a specific IP address, you can write a specific IP address
    Because the user table above has changed the name of the root user with the address of localhost% to%, you can no longer use the localhost address to log in locally, but you can use the address of
  • Force refresh permission:
    flush privileges;

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