Installing dig under Linux system



Introduction to dig

It is a tool for querying DNS records, including ns records, a records, MX records and other related information.


testing environment

What I use here is:

  • Hardware: Raspberry pie 4B
  • System: Raspberry PI OS (32 bit) with desktop

Start installation

In the beginning, I used apt get to install it directly, like this

Installing dig under Linux system

However, the installation is not successful, and the system prompts that the package cannot be located

Usedsudo apt-get updateUpdate, install again

Or failure

It should be noted here that the dig command is not directly installed, it is included in dnsutils, so we can not install dig, we should directly install dnsutils

Let’s have a try

I have already installed it here

Installing dig under Linux system


To verify whether the installation is successful, type dig – V

Let’s take a look

Installing dig under Linux system

Perfect curtain call!!!

Installing dig under Linux system

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