Installing CentOS virtual machine in VMware Workstation


0 Preface

The previous article introduced how to installVMware workstation Pro, the virtual machine must be installed after installation. Here’s how to install CentOS 7

1 download

Go to the official website to download

It is recommended to download DVD ISO; Everything ISO is too large and needs to be downloaded for a long time; The minimal ISO is too small to have a user interface.

Because you want to save bandwidth, you can’t download directly from the official website. You should choose a mirror website and choose one at will.

Alibaba cloud image:…
Mirror image of Tsinghua University:https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua…

Choose the right one to download. The specific size is marked on the back, but it doesn’t look so comfortable.

CentOS-7-x86_ 64-DVD-1708. The size of ISO is 4.21 GB, centos-7-x86_ 64-Minimal-1708. The size of ISO is 792 MB. Let’s watch the download. I still recommend downloading DVD, because I installed it with this below.

2 create virtual machine

Open VMware Workstation pro and select create new virtual machine.

Select the default typical, and then select next.

Select the installation CD image file (ISO). The ISO here is the previously downloaded ISO file,

Once found, select it and click next.

Change the name of the virtual machine to a name that you can accurately identify. It’s best to change the location. It’s really bad to put it on the system disk, and then click next.

Here, you can choose the maximum disk size and whether to split it into multiple files. Generally speaking, you can choose the default. I chose 50g here, mainly because I really need such a large space.

When you are here, click finish, and then you will finish creating the virtual machine

3 installation

After creating the virtual machine, you need to install it. In this interface, select Install CentOS 7, and then press enter

Line by line command lines will appear and flash quickly
Installing CentOS virtual machine in VMware Workstation
After the installation image is loaded into memory, you can see the welcome interface

Underline, select the language and continue

Then you will enter this interface. Generally speaking, you don’t need to look at the date and time, keyboard, language support and installation source. Just default

If you want the virtual machine to connect to the network, clickNetwork and host nameThen turn on the Ethernet

Software selection is very important here. The default is the minimum installation. There is no desktop after installation. So I have to go in and revise it

GNOME desktop environmentYou can choose this for your reference

KDEIf so, you can choose this way. For your reference

If it isServer with GUI, look, come on, I haven’t tried.

Here, I choose GNOME desktop environment. After making sure all the things I need are done, I choose to start installation

After clicking start installation, you will see this interface. You need to set the root password and create a user

First fix the password of the root user. This must be written down. If you forget it, you can’t use the root permission later.

The root account is the password of the top management account of each Linux system, and it has all permissions. (including the permission to delete the database, RM – RF / *)

Create another user, and remember the password of this user. Running the system with root account is very dangerous. It may destroy the system accidentally, so create a user.

It’s done here. It’s OK when the system is installed. How long do we have to wait? Metaphysics, I don’t know. It’s been a long time anyway.
When you see the following, it means that the installation is complete. Click restart.

4 entry

If you see this after restarting, don’t panic. Just click on the license and go in and confirm it.

Then it becomes like this, and then click Finish configuration.

When you see this, it means that it has been done. You can enter the system by entering the password.

After entering, you need to set it. You’ll pop it up. Come as you like.

After setting, you will see this and start using it happily~

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