Installation steps of raspberry server


The raspberry pie model is 4b, 1g ram.

The system is Ubuntu 19.10 server.

The download command is as follows:

wget ""
wget ""

The above command is mainly to download the above three installation packages

Then the installation command is as follows:

sudo dpkg -i "containerd.io_1.2.10-3_arm64.deb"
sudo dpkg -i "docker-ce-cli_19.03.3~3-0~ubuntu-disco_arm64.deb"
sudo dpkg -i "docker-ce_19.03.3~3-0~ubuntu-disco_arm64.deb"

Install the three packages that you just downloaded.

The interface for downloading the installation package is as follows. In fact, you can find the corresponding version of docker to download.

The installation is completed as follows. The installed docker version is 19.03.0, and hello world runs successfully.


1. I didn’t set any image address in the whole process, just download it directly.
2. The GPG key may need to be set. You can try not to set the GPG key first, and then download the installation package directly for installation attempt.
3. The official GPG key tutorial is as follows:


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