Installation serial number and activation method of Windows Server 2008


Windows Server 2008 is a new generation server system version produced by Microsoft. How to activate this version? Xiao Bian sorted out the installation serial number and activation method of Windows Server 2008 for you. Interested friends, please come and learn it.

Installation serial number and activation method of Windows Server 2008

  Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Physical Key


  Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Virtual Key


Enterprise: ht94v-fvv29-kcvcy-c8t9f-hj2y4



  Windows Server 2008 Datacenter and Windows Server 2008 for Itanium-based Systems


To provide you with a new idea, after the network cable is pulled out, activate with the phone, follow the 800 phone prompts to it.

[! Input the serial number – 〉 unplug the Internet cable to activate – 〉 activation failed – 〉 click the phone to activate – 〉 dial the 800 number prompted on the screen – 〉 input the 48 digit number as required – 〉 the telephone will tell you the 48 digit number after it is correct – 〉 fill in the 48 digit number in the blank space – 〉 click Next – 〉 congratulations, activation.

If you don’t have a fixed line telephone (the number is empty if you dial 800 directly), I’ll teach you how to use the number 0218008630 (the area code 021 is added in front of the free number, and it’s an automatic system) and follow the prompt 1 —— 2

Solution to the problem that enterprise version cannot be activated

First install the web or DC version, activate it by phone, and then replace the enterprise version with the web or DC version!

How to back up and use the activated two files:

1. For the activated system, back up the two files and remember the activation serial number (appdata is the hidden folder)



2. The normal method is to reload the system first, do not input the activation number and do not connect to the network

3. Find the above two files, right-click the attribute – Security – Advanced – owner, change it to administrator, close the window, and then re select Advanced – permission, and modify amdinistor to full control, so that it can be deleted

3. Turn off the software licensing service and replace the two files above with the backup activation file (if the service is not turned off, tokens.dat Unable to replace drops

. restart the machine, input the activation number, and it will live in a short time. Take a look at the computer properties. If it is activated, you can connect to the network

{if the unexplained reason is not activated, after the third step, try the next method

3-1. Open the software licensing service, and enter“ SLMGR.VBS -Ipk your activation number “

3-2. Restart the machine after prompting that the activation number has been modified successfully

5. Check the activation status

To replace files and modify permissions, I will directly do a batch process to you. Under the administrator user, after downloading, put the batch files in the same directory of the two files you backed up. Right click to edit and update the product key you used for activation. You can execute it. Without shutting down, you can activate it directly after execution (batch processing will create a new backup folder under your file , backup original file)

The above is all about the installation serial number and activation method of Windows Server 2008. I hope it can help you. Developer will continue to release more information. Your attention is welcome.