Installation of R language in centos6


R language is mainly used for statistical analysis, drawing language and operating environment.

Official website:

There is a direct installation package under windows. It’s very convenient to download and install it directly. However, you can’t install r directly through Yum on centos6.0. You need to compile it yourself.
Download page:

Before compiling R, you need to install the following programs through Yum:

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The code is as follows:

#”Configure: error: no F77 compiler found” error is reported if Yum install GCC gfortran #
#Yum install GCC GCC gcc-c + + # “configure: error: C + + preprocessor” / lib / CPP “failures sanity check” error
#Yum install readLine devel # “– with readLine = Yes (default) and headers / LIBS are not available” error
#”Configure: error: – with-x = Yes (default) and X11 headers / LIBS are not available” error is reported in Yum install libxt devel #

Then download the source code and compile it

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The code is as follows:

#wget <a href=””></a>
#tar zxvf R-2.13.1.tar.gz
#cd R-2.13.1
#make install

To complete the compilation and installation.