Installation of Oracle 10g under win7


The Oracle 10g installation diagram tutorial prepared for you under win7 is very detailed:

Method / step

The Oracle 10g installation preparation step obtains the Oracle 10g installation program, or downloads the optical image from the Oracle technology network (OTN). During the evaluation phase, you can download and use full-featured Oracle without technical restrictions for free, but you need to purchase legal authorization when applying in formal business occasions.

You need about 1.2GB of disk space for download and decompression, and more than 2GB of disk space for installation.

Oracle 10g installation steps

Run the extracted Oracle 10g installer. Open the Oracle 10g installation directory, find setup.exe, and double-click to enter the installation status

The initial installation screen appears. Note: for the following operations, right-click setup.exe and select properties – > compatibility, as shown below:

Key point: when you install Oracle 10g under win7, you will encounter the following problems:


During installation, please note that no spaces, illegal characters, and Chinese characters are allowed. The installation directory cannot have illegal characters and Chinese characters to turn off the firewall

Select advanced installation and press the next button

Choose the installation according to your requirements. Here we choose the standard version and press the next button

Specify the target name and path of the home directory (normally no change is required), and press the next button

Product specific prerequisite check passed (if the overall result is not “passed”, please check your prerequisite configuration), press the next button

If not, if the network configuration requirements are not implemented, the solution is as follows:


Checking network configuration requirements… Check complete. The overall result of this inspection is: not implemented<<<<

Recommendation: orcle supports installation on systems with DHCP assigned IP addresses. But before you install, you must configure Microsoft loopback adapter as the primary network adapter for your system.

For more information about installing software on systems with DHCP configured, see the installation guide.

terms of settlement:

1. Check if the computer name is in English. If not, try again.

2. After trying the above method, I still can’t do this step

Control panel – > Add Hardware – > Yes, I also connected this hardware – > add new hardware device – > install my manual list to select hardware (Advanced) – > network adapter – > manufacturer: Microsoft network card: Microsoft loopback adapter.

After operation, you will find that there are two network connections in your network neighborhood. Choose the newly established network connection, and just give it an IP address

Select Create database and press the next button

Select general purpose and press the next button

Fill in the global database name:

For independent servers that do not use directory services (such as active directory), the global database name does not need to contain the domain name suffix (orcl by default). For domain servers that use directory services (such as active directory), the global database name needs to contain the domain name suffix (such as orcl. Compounding. ORG)

When the above requirements are set properly, press the next button

Press the next button

Specify database storage options (just use the default option file system), press the next button

Specify backup and recovery options (use the default option not to enable automatic backup), press the next button

To simplify the password setting of the database for evaluation, select all accounts to use the same password, enter the password of system and other users (the password should not start with a number), and press the next button

This is the summary information after the installation configuration. Press the Install button to start the installation

After a few minutes of file installation, start the database configuration assistant

After the database is created, press OK

Configuration Assistant completed

End of installation, press exit button

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