Installation of MySQL 8.0.17


This article has shared the MySQL 8.0.17 installation picture and text tutorial for your reference, the specific content is as follows

Installation environment:windows x64

1. Download the installation package

Download address: installation package

2. Decompression and initialization configuration

Unzip and create a new initialization configuration file in the root directory my.ini

Enter the following contents in the initialization configuration file. Pay attention to change the installation path and data storage path to your own

\#Set port 3306
\#Set the installation directory of MySQL
\#Set the data storage directory of MySQL database
\#Maximum number of connections allowed
\#The number of connection failures allowed.
\#The character set used by the server is utf8mb4 by default
\#The default storage engine that will be used when creating new tables
\#The default is "MySQL"_ native_ "Password" plug-in authentication
\#Setting the default character set of MySQL client
\#Set the default port for MySQL client to connect to the server

3. Start installation

Open CMD as administrator to install

First, enter the bin directory

Input commandmysqld –initialize –consoleEnter to display the following fields, where[email protected]:The following field is the initial password, copy and save!

Then install the MySQL service and run it in the bin directorymysqld –installThere is no service name added here. The default is mysql

It’s a success here!

4. Start MySQL service

In the command line input: Net start MySQL can start it!

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