Installation of manual configuration version of MySQL 8.0.17 winx64


1、 Download address:


Download and unzip

2、 Open file

Create in MySQL folder my.ini File, copy the content to the file;

#The client port number is 3306
port = 3306
socket =/data/3306/mysql.sock
#Setting the default character set of MySQL client

#Set port 3306
port = 3306
user = root
socket =/data/3306/mysql.sock
#Set the installation directory of MySQL
#Set the data storage directory of MySQL database. MySQL 8 + does not need the following configuration. The system can generate it by itself, otherwise it may report an error
#Maximum number of connections allowed
#The default character set used by the server is the 8-bit Latin1 character set
#The default storage engine that will be used when creating new tables

Note that when saving this file, open it in Notepad = > file = > Save as = > save it in ANSI format

3、 Configure the environment variables and add them to the bin folder in the path. Lu Jin: D: / / appinstall / mysql-8.0.17-winx64 / bin

4、 Installation command operation

1. Delete the data folder;

2. Under the bin directory of the administrator authority CMD, remove the misinstalled mysqld service;

DOS command operation:mysqld -remove MySQL

3. Execute in the bin directory of CMD

DOS command operation:mysqld --initialize-insecure

You will find that the program automatically creates the data folder and related files in the root directory of MySQL

4. Execute in bin directory

DOS command operation:mysqld -install

Service successfully installed.

5. Start MySQL service in bin directorynet start mysql

MySQL service is starting

MySQL service has been started successfully.

6. DOS command operation:

mysql -u root -p

No password at the moment. Enter directly

Then input the command according to the figure below;

use mysql;
Update user set password = password ("12345") where user = "root"; # change the password free user name of root to 12345

When the above error is not reported after execution, it indicates that you have successfully modified the password with the user name of root to 12345. If an error is reported, as shown in the figure below

If the error in the figure above appears, it indicates that the statement is wrong

update mysql.user set authentication_string=password('12345') where user='root';

If the error is still reported, it is recommended to install Navicat, open it, create a connection and log in without password.

Then change it to the password you want, OK;

5、 Download, installation and registration code of Navicat

Download address: Premium_ jb51.rar

Decoding step reprint address:

According to the last step of the above decoding steps, use the 5.0 version of the registration machine to generate the decoding. If it fails, use the 4.9 version of the decoding.



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