Installation and Configuration of Go Running Environment Picture and Text Tutorial under Windows


Based on go 1.9.2 + liteIDE + windows 10

Software Name:
Golang for Windows v1.9.2 AMD64 MSI Official Installation Edition
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Install go installation package first, which acts as installation framework.

The default installation path is C: Go, which is usually changed, but this affects setting environment variables later, so remember where to change.

Install custom paths to D: Program Files Go and continue

After installation, open the environment variable settings. The default installer has set a variable named GOROOT whose value is the installation path.

Manually add an environment variable named GOPATH with a custom path to “manage your go project”.

GOPATH = D: Phoenix CodingMe go, meaning that my GOPATH is the d: XXX path, which I will use as the top-level path for go projects (code, edit files, executable files). Run the go command under CMD and display Usage to indicate that the installation is normal.

LiteIDE only needs to decompress and not install. The executable file is in the bin directory and the shortcut can be created.

Run the file – > Open the directory, locate the GOPATH directory, and start your performance!

Reference to Baidu Experience:

Go Installer Source:

LiteIDE installation source: