Installation and activation of golang Golan



We have installed the go environment, so can we develop it?

Yes, but in order to develop more efficiently, we also need to download a software. The function of the software is to facilitate us to quickly write go instructions and quickly run the go instructions we have written.

This software is GoLand, just like we need to process words, install word, process tables, use Excel and so on.

We call this kind of software that can quickly write certain language (go, python, Java, c#) instructions, run quickly, and facilitate us to find errors (troubleshooting) if there are errors as ide

What is an IDE

IDE (integrated development environment), what is the IDE used by our go language under windows? GoLand is a cross platform IDE, including windows, maxos and Linux operating systems.

Installing GoLand under Windows

  1. Sign inJetBrainsOfficial website, DownloadGoLandSetup, hereWindowsAs an example

    Official website download address:

  2. After downloading, double – click the installer to start the installation

  1. clickNext, choose your own installation position

  1. clickNext, select the desktop shortcut you want to create and associate it.goFile and add toPATH.

  1. All the way backNext, click start after installation

  2. Restart the software and activateGoLand, clickActivation code, enter the activation code

Activate GoLand (pro test valid)

1. Download Crack Patch

Password: giws

2. Put patches inlibDirectory

The patch file just downloadedjetbrains-agent.jarPlaced in the GoLand installation directorylibIn the catalog

3. Patchjetbrains-agent.jarAfter placing it in the Lib directory, we can start the software.

Installing Golan under Linux

1) First enter the download page:

2) Click download:


3)cdUnder the path to the file just downloaded, the default isdownloadFolder and usetarCommand willGoLandExtract the installation package to/opt/Under path

CD Download
sudo tar xvfz goland-2020.1.3.tar.gz -C /opt/


4) Enter the decompression directory

cd /opt/GoLand-2020.1.3/bin/

5) Rungolang.shfile


6) If everything is normal, the GoLand launch page will pop up

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