Install redis on windows and configure remote access


This article is mainly about the problems I encountered when configuring redis. You can see this article for the tutorial of installing redis;
1. The first one is to report an error when deleting redis:
D:\redis\Redis-x64-3.2.100>redis-server.exe –service-uninstall
[10968] 10 Apr 15:24:30.473 # HandleServiceCommands: system error caught. error code=1072, message = DeleteService failed: unknown error
In this case, you need to open the task manager, select the process, and then end the process of redis server. Then it can be deleted.
2. When configuring remote access, you first need to comment out the local machine of bind in the file. Then change protected mode no to protected mode yes.
Then open the CMD to enter the redis installation directory and enter the command: redis-server.exe
If the following error occurs:
[11820] 10 Apr 15:51:33.316 # Creating Server TCP listening socket *:6379: bind: No error
The solution is: run redis-cli.exe from the command line, then shut down, and then enter exit
Then rerun redis-server.exe to succeed.
So other computers can access your redis remotely.

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