Install and configure Tomcat


Download, install and configure Tomcat
one . download

Download address:
Choose 32-bit or 64 bit according to your computer
You can download the installation free version (zip), or the installation version (. Exe)

two . install

If you download the installation free version, you can unzip it directly after downloading
Start: find the startup.bat Click to start Tomcat
Close: find the shutdown.bat Click to close Tomcat

3. Configuration

Configure environment variables
1. Search environment variables in the lower right corner
2. Click environment variables

Install and configure Tomcat

3. Add a new variable to the system variable
The variable name is Tomcat_ HOME
The variable value is Tomcat installation directory

Install and configure Tomcat

4. Add a new value to the path variable
The value is % TOMCAT_ HOME %\ bin

Install and configure Tomcat
Install and configure Tomcat
4. Test whether the installation is successful

one . Start Tomcat
2. Open the browser and type http://localhost : 8080 enter the following page to indicate that the installation is successful.

Install and configure Tomcat

Note: if flash back occurs when starting Tomcat

1. Start Tomcat from the command line and the failure reason will be displayed. Generally, Java is not configured_ Home and JRE_ Two environment variables of home
CD is a switch folder

Install and configure Tomcat
2. Configure Java_ Home and JRE_ HOME

(1) . First, add java to the system variables_ HOME
    The variable name is Java_ Home, the variable value is JDK installation path
    Enter Java - version at the command line to see if JDK is installed
    Enter Java - verb to view the JRE installation path
    The default path is C: // program files / Java / jre1.8.0_ two hundred and forty-one

Install and configure Tomcat

(2) . add JRE_ HOME
    The variable name is JRE_ HOME
    The variable value is JRE path
 (3) . add in path
 (4) Test whether the configuration is successful
    Open CMD and input Java. If a series of characters appear, the configuration is successful

Install and configure Tomcat

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