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The 8th live broadcast of HMS core insights – dialogue expert, interpretation of HMS core 6’s innovation capability, was successfully concluded on November 25. This live broadcast and partners learned about the new open capabilities, features and technical advantages of HMS core 6 in the fields of graphics, media, connectivity and communication. Let’s review the highlights of this live broadcast!

[content review]

1、 HMS core 6 introduces new capabilities and features in media, graphics, connectivity and communications.

2、 How the technical advantages of HMS core 6’s new capabilities and new features help developers innovate.

3、 HMS core is the development trend of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of media, graphics, connectivity and communication.

[expert opinion]

A Hua, Huawei algorithm application technology expert

In the media field, we will open up various innovative capabilities and features based on AI technology to help more developers improve development efficiency and enable more users to experience convenient and high-quality services.

Zhang, Huawei ar technical expert

AR technology brings digital information into our physical world in the most familiar way. In the future, AR technology will be widely used in all walks of life, including e-commerce, education and so on.

Stan, Huawei mobile network technology expert

In the future, the main problem of mobile network should still focus on the network link in the last kilometer of the equipment. This part of network optimization will tend to be diversified. Because a fixed protocol or algorithm can not be applied to all scenarios, network parameters and network protocol optimization should be the trend in the future.

[wonderful Q & A]

Q1: how does HMS core innovate in the media field through the application of AI technology?

A: HMS core 6 video editing service and audio editing service realize many innovative features based on AI technology, such as one click hair dyeing, character tracking and portrait resurrection of video editing service; AI dubbing of audio editing service, etc. With the blessing of AI technology, audio and video editing can easily realize a variety of functions and playing methods, making the application more convenient, interesting and professional.

Q2: what are the innovative features of AR engine in HMS core?

A: The application of AR technology in all walks of life is gradually deepening. HMS core also promotes the development of AR field and the application of AR technology by opening more innovative technologies. For example, the ambient light tracking feature in AR engine can realize the centimeter level virtual reality fusion ability by collecting the direction and intensity of the main light source, ambient light, environment map and other information in the environment, rendering and superimposing it into the virtual object and the real environment

Q3: how do network KITT and wireless kit in HMS core optimize network experience in weak network environment?

A: HMS core upgrades network kit and wireless kit and introduces new features of AI signal prediction and AI network tuning. Based on AI algorithm technology, the common network paths are learned, and the weak signal prediction of network QoE is fed back in time; In addition, it can predict the network access request curve, preheat the network in advance, and effectively reduce the user waiting time.

Q4: is it complicated to integrate the network kit?

A: Network kit provides scenario based API interfaces including content loading, file transfer, instant messaging and multimedia. These scenarios combine the coding habits of developers in the corresponding scenarios to help developers minimize the development workload, so that developers can quickly integrate our corresponding acceleration capabilities without paying attention to network details.

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