[insights live broadcast] 3D modeling service to quickly build high-quality 3D models


On July 15, 2021,HMS Core 6.0Officially launched for global developers. In HMS core 6.0, Huawei has opened a new service for developers – 3D modeling kit, which provides application developers with the functions of automatic generation of 3D object model and PBR material generation based on AI technology, so as to realize the efficient production of 3D digital content.

The fifth live broadcast of HMS core Insights Series will start at 19:00 p.m. on July 27, 2021! Live broadcast in this issue“3D modeling service to quickly build high-quality 3D models”Focus on the new service brought by HMS core 6.0: 3D modeling kit. What is the 3D modeling kit? What powerful capabilities and characteristics does it have? What areas and scenarios can developers make full use of the capabilities of 3D modeling kit? Welcome to the live studio on time and have a look with the technical experts of HMS core.

What is HMS core insights?

As a collection of end-to-end and cloud open capabilities, HMS core not only continues to fully open capabilities, but also expects more developers to have a deeper understanding of HMS core. HMS core insights in-depth interpretation live series came into being. Here are professional celebrities to interpret the cutting-edge technologies in various fields of mobile applications and the technical exploration road behind HMS core.

Live broadcast Preview

time19:00 PM, July 27, 2021

Expert introduction

Huawei computer vision algorithm expert — Grace
He has many years of technical development experience in the field of computer vision, and has led the research and development of multiple sets of algorithms for object reconstruction, face reconstruction, 3D lighting and other characteristics.
Thomas, senior visual algorithm engineer of Huawei
Be responsible for the incubation of video structuring technology and video concentration technology; Responsible for the implementation of products and services such as photo purchase, image labeling, form identification, etc.

Live broadcast highlights

  • How does 3D modeling technology develop?
  • What are the advanced capabilities of the 3D modeling kit? What kind of technology is used?
  • What areas and scenarios can developers make full use of the capabilities of 3D modeling kit?

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