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Abstract:As an old friend of DTCC and the world’s leading cloud computing manufacturer, Alibaba cloud database team is invited to participate in this technology event. It will not only send a team of distinguished guests, but also present 8 wonderful topics for the vast number of database industry professionals and users. The following editor combed out 8 highlights in advance and attached a complete collection of Alibaba cloud topics, which is a wonderful collection.

From May 8 to May 10, 2019, DTCC 2019, a database technology exchange event hosted by a well-known IT technology community in China, will be held in Crowne Plaza, new Yunnan, Beijing. Data storm, ten years of change, DTCC witnessed and remembered the key growth process of domestic database technology. As an old friend of DTCC and the world’s leading cloud computing manufacturer, Alibaba cloud database team is invited to participate in this technology event. It will not only send out a team of distinguished guests, but also present to the vast number of database industry professionals and users8 wonderful topics, we can’t miss it.

This DTCC conference gathers a number of top Alibaba cloud database tycoons, which will bring you the most valuable technical exchanges and discussions, full of dry goods. fromDr. Li Feifei, vice president of Alibaba group, chief scientist of Damo database, and general director of Alibaba cloud intelligent business group database product business departmentLeading, Lin Liang, Google’s first generation of distributed SQL system Tenzing core figure, Alibaba cloud OLAP product analysis engine leader, and he Dengcheng, a senior technical expert in the database core team, will successively appear, respectively on the most in technology topics such as cloud native database, new generation of self-developed analytical database, distributed database, sequential database, and graph database In depth discussion and sharing the best practical experience. At the same time, Dr. Li Feifei will also serve as an expert consultant of DTCC conference to grasp the subject content and direction of data technology.

Insight into cutting-edge technology trends and witness the growth of Alibaba cloud database. On this rare annual event and exchange platform for database practitioners, what kind of feast will Alibaba cloud technology bulls bring?

The following editor combed out 8 highlights in advance and attached a complete collection of Alibaba cloud topics, which is a wonderful collection.
Looking forward to meeting with you and talking about the future of the industry!


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Highlight 1: Alibaba cloud native database – we are different

As one of the basic software, database is always the core of enterprise IT system. With the advent of cloud computing and the continuous maturity of related technologies, the rapid development of the database industry has been promoted, and the defense line of traditional database iron is also being torn.

In the era of cloud computing, cloud native database has begun to rise, which has been favored by a large number of enterprise users through elastic expansion, pay as you go and other features, challenging the position of traditional database manufacturers such as Oracle. In 2018, among the database magic quadrants released by Gartner, the performance of cloud database manufacturers is extremely eye-catching. As the leader of the domestic cloud computing industry, Alibaba cloud database is among the “visionary” quadrants.

In order to meet the needs of cloud applications such as elastic expansion, elastic computing, and pay as you go, cloud native databases need to use the integrated design of software and hardware, and based on the emerging high-speed hardware such as RDMA and NVM, develop the all user IO and network protocol stack to provide very low latency.

At the same time, new architecture is explored, such as the separation of shared everything and storage computing through shared storage, which provides one write, multiple read expansion capability. In some application scenarios with high concurrency and strong demand for horizontal expansion, cloud native database also needs to explore a distributed architecture based on shared nothing to provide distributed database capabilities to handle distributed SQL queries and distributed transaction processing. Technical challenges such as financial level high availability and multi activity in different places are also key capabilities that cloud native databases must provide.

Lecture topic: evolution of database in the cloud age
Speaker: Li Feifei (flower name: Throwing Knife), vice president of Alibaba group, chief data scientist of Damo Institute, head of Alibaba cloud intelligent business group database product business department

Brief introductionX-engine, a storage engine independently developed by Alibaba database team, makes full use of the hot and cold characteristics of data and the hierarchical memory system of computer system structure. Through the separation of hot and cold data storage technology, it can improve the writing performance and reduce the cost. Based on the continuous exploration and practice of the above technical challenges, Alibaba database group launched the cloud native database polardb and its distributed version polardb-x, which has withstood the peak transaction challenge of Alibaba’s double 11 in 2018 and achieved commercial success on Alibaba cloud.

This sharing will be based on Alibaba cloud database’s recent papers on VLDB and SIGMOD, combined with the core system design principles, to introduce the challenges and development trends of cloud native database technology.

  • Speech time: 11:05-11:45, May 8
  • Main venue: main venue 1 – ten years of data architecture change
  • Live time: 15:00-16:00, May 9
  • Live link: Utm_content = g_1000056249

Highlight 2: Research on the database kernel and implementation of deep decoding of Alibaba database

Lecture topic: polardb-x architecture and technology evolution
Speaker:He Dengcheng (flower name: guiduo), senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud intelligent database product business department, and an old friend of DTCC. Since 2005, he has been persisting in the field of database kernel Research and development, successively engaged in the research and development of database kernel products in Shenzhou general, Netease and Ali, and now led the team to build a new generation of Ali distributed database polardb-x.

Topic introduction:As a new generation of distributed database developed by Alibaba, polardb-x supports more than 90% of Alibaba’s online database applications. How did you think from alisql to polardb-x? What has polardb-x evolved in technology in the past year? I hope to share and communicate with friends in depth on the stage of DTCC.

  • Speech time: 16:20-17:10, May 8
  • Special session: Database Kernel Technology
  • Live time: 16:00-17:00, May 9
  • Live link: Utm_content = g_1000056250

Highlight 3: Architecture challenge and engineering practice behind millisecond analysis of massive data

Lecture topic: challenges and practice analysis of super large scale real-time data warehouse architecture
Speaker: Lin Liang (flower name: Yibo), a researcher of Alibaba cloud intelligent database product business department, has worked for Google for more than ten years and has rich experience in large-scale SQL Engine and large-scale storage engine. Currently in charge of Alibaba cloud Pb level analytical database analytical DB architecture.

Topic introduction: at present, the field of data analysis is moving towards the online direction, and the data business has great challenges in massive data real-time writing, high concurrency analysis, stability and flexibility.
Analytical database analyticdb is a super large-scale Pb level real-time data warehouse independently developed by Alibaba. In the past two years, it has made a lot of difficult breakthroughs and technological innovations in the technical field behind the above challenges. In this speech, we have made in-depth analysis of the architectural challenges and engineering practice behind the millisecond level analysis of the massive data of analyticdb.

  • Speech time: 09:40-10:20, May 9
  • Main venue: main venue 2 – ten years of data architecture change
  • Live time: 15:00-16:00, May 10
  • Live link: UTM < content = g < 1000056251

Highlight 4: teach you to unlock all kinds of black technologies of temporal and spatial database

Speech theme: Alibaba cloud TSDB: a new generation of time-space database embracing the Internet of things
Speaker: Yi Yi (flower name: Lao Kun). Technical expert of Alibaba cloud intelligent database product business department, engaged in the research and development of TSDB core engine.

Topic introduction: Alibaba cloud TSDB is a high-performance, low-cost, stable and reliable online temporal and spatial database product developed by Alibaba. The product unifies the storage and calculation of more than 90% of Alibaba Group’s APM data and event data, and is widely used in external industries such as the Internet of things, industrial manufacturing, power, chemical industry and it operation and maintenance.
This lecture will introduce various kinds of black technologies of the temporal spatiotemporal database:
• provide tens of millions of concurrent reads and writes
・ double eleven write TPS reaches 60 million / S
• more than 10 times compression ratio and low cost storage
• Pb level temporal and spatial data second level aggregation
• cluster size of 10 billion time lines per day, etc

  • Speech time: 15:50-16:30, May 8
  • Special session: NoSQL technology and Practice
  • Live time: 15:00-16:00, May 13
  • Live link: UTM content = g_

Highlight 5: how to avoid “stepping on the pit” in DBA?

After the cloud era, the responsibilities of various types of work in the IT industry are changing. Cloud database makes the daily DBA management more automatic, greatly improves the daily management efficiency, and also can achieve faster results for the overall investment output of the enterprise. For the DBA position, it is a transition period. Many enterprises use cloud computing directly from the beginning of business.

Lecture topic: how to build the knowledge system of DBA in the cloud Era
Speaker: Xiao shaocong (flower name: Tie’an), senior product expert of Alibaba cloud intelligent database product business department, member of the Standing Committee of PostgreSQL China Community
Topic introduction: how to build the knowledge system of DBA in the cloud era? Through this speech, I hope to help the existing DBA transformation in the industry and the technical personnel newly employed into the DBA better understand the cloud DBA, so that everyone can avoid detours in the transformation process.

  1. Cloud database vs traditional database management mode comparison;
  2. The structure of cloud DBA knowledge system includes: foundation, virtual machine, cloud database, intelligent management;
  3. The management difference between directly using cloud database and self building database in virtual machine;
  4. How to grow into an excellent cloud DBA.
  • Speech time: 11:05-11:45, May 8
  • Special session: database in the cloud era (I)
  • **Live broadcast time: 15:00-16:00 on May 14
  • Live link: Utm_content = g_1000056253

Highlight 6: all you want to know about database disaster recovery is here

Lecture topic: database migration in the cloud age: new progress and application of disaster recovery technology
Speaker: Fu Dachao (flower name: qianzhen), who joined Alibaba in 2012, is currently in charge of DTS & DBS team and R & D, providing migration, synchronization and disaster recovery services in Alibaba cloud, supporting Alibaba, ant, Alibaba cloud and other remote multi activity unit architectures, and was responsible for the development and maintenance of Alibaba’s largest HBase cluster in the world, and has worked in IBM and Cisco successively.

Topic introduction: Migration & disaster recovery is a strong demand of database. The traditional migration & disaster recovery technology has developed for many years. With the advent of the cloud era, there are great changes in the use scenario, network and technology of Migration & disaster recovery. How to realize the migration & disaster recovery of database more simply in the cloud era, how to realize the curve overtaking by cloud manufacturers through new technology? This topic mainly shares Alibaba cloud’s new technology progress and application in this field.

  • Speech time: 17:10-18:00, May 9
  • Special session: cloud era database (2)
  • Live time: 15:00-16:00, May 15
  • Live link: Utm_content = g_1000056254

Highlight 7: NoSQL – how to have the necessary enterprise level capabilities at home

When the whole world moves from it to DT era, the database field has also changed greatly, and NoSQL has become the normal application of enterprises

Lecture topic: the latest technology development trend of NoSQL database
Speaker: Zhu Jie (flower name: where he is), senior product expert of Alibaba cloud intelligent database product business department, is currently the leader of Alibaba cloud database NoSQL database product. 10 + database / Big Data R & D management experience, focusing on the construction, planning and practical application of database / big data service platform, and writing the best-selling book “big data architecture details: from data acquisition to in-depth learning”.

Topic introduction: enterprise IT system is facing endless new business, security, cost and many other challenges. Through in-depth integration with enterprise business and rapid innovation, Alibaba cloud NoSQL database provides the latest technology to help enterprise users meet the challenges and gain the trust of many large customers, such as financial, social, live and so on.

This speech focuses on the innovation and technical practice of Alibaba cloud NoSQL database in the global distributed, multi-mode, elastic, HTAP, cloudnative, graph, timing, space-time and many other latest fields.

  • Speech time: 09:40-10:20, May 10
  • Special session: distributed database practice (2)
  • Live time: 15:00-16:00, May 16
  • Live link: Utm_content = g_1000056255

Highlight 8: cutting edge technology application – how much do you know about graph database? Database practitioners must see

Lecture topic: exploring the mysteries of Internet data — GDB
Speaker: Wang Yan (flower name: yeyan), senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud intelligent database product business department. Rich experience in distributed system, storage and NoSQL system development. Joined Alibaba Group in 18 years, now Alibaba is responsible for the research and development of the graph database system.

Topic introduction: aligraph database GDB is a real-time, reliable and scalable online database service that supports attribute graph model and is used to process highly connected data query and storage. Based on the graph database GDB, it can help users quickly build applications based on highly connected data sets, and efficiently build applications such as social networks, recommendation engines, fraud detection, knowledge maps, etc.

  • Speech time: 14:20-15:10, May 10
  • Special session: graph database technology and Practice
  • Live time: May 17, 15:00-16:00
  • Live link: Utm_content = g_1000056256

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