Insight into full SQL with one click, away from abnormal performance


With the continuous expansion of cloud database business scale, users have higher requirements for advanced features such as security audit and performance intelligent analysis. How to audit SQL safely? How to quickly locate abnormal performance? How to protect database security? It’s a problem that every cloud vendor has to think about.

The full SQL insight provided by Huawei cloud Das service integrates the research and development capabilities of the database kernel, records the full SQL with minimal impact on the instance performance (within 5%), and analyzes it based on the full SQL data, and also provides multi-dimensional analysis, search, and filtering capabilities, which well solves the above problems.

So, how does the full SQL insight feature provided by Huawei’s cloud Das service work?

Three capabilities built by full SQL insight

Full SQL insight, also known as full SQL audit, not only supports the query capability of full SQL records, but also provides multi-dimensional analysis, search and filtering capabilities such as accessing and updating the most frequent tables and locking the SQL with the longest waiting time. It helps users to have a comprehensive insight into SQL, find out exceptions quickly, and ensure the stable operation of the database. Full SQL insight features build the following three capabilities:

  • SQL list:It not only helps to record all executed SQL statements, but also provides analysis capabilities such as execution status, time, time-consuming, number of updated rows, number of scanned rows, lock waiting time, etc. it supports search and filtering capabilities based on keywords, execution time range, number of updated rows, etc. it is convenient for users to query SQL information, help judge SQL problems, and effectively optimize database performance, And meet the needs of the industry with strict requirements for data security.

Insight into full SQL with one click, away from abnormal performance

  • SQL template analysis:It intuitively shows the change curve of SQL execution status and execution times in nearly 15 minutes, half an hour and other time periods, which is convenient for users to quickly grasp the SQL execution information in this time period. According to the parameters, different SQL templates are divided correspondingly, and the time-consuming, execution times, number of scan lines and other sortable information are provided for each template, as well as the specific operation details of each SQL template are analyzed and summarized to help users quickly find the problematic SQL.

Insight into full SQL with one click, away from abnormal performance

  • SQL operation type analysis:In order to make users understand and analyze SQL information more intuitively, SQL operation type analysis makes an intuitive curve display of the six SQL types that users care about and use most, supports sorting analysis according to the total number of execution, average time consumption and other dimensions, and summarizes the information of each type of SQL, which is more convenient for users to quickly view the details of each type of SQL.

Insight into full SQL with one click, away from abnormal performance

The full SQL insight feature is a performance diagnosis tool elaborately launched by Huawei cloud database, which greatly helps users to quickly locate SQL exceptions and effectively maintain the stable operation of the database.

Huawei cloud puts forward a set of solutions for Enterprise Cloud access and governance, which are suitable for Internet, finance, games, industrial cloud and other industries. From data collection to data processing and aggregation, to data calculation and analysis, and finally to the application and consumption level, through a series of data collection, processing, analysis and application, Huawei cloud builds a full scene data service to help enterprise digital transformation, Finally, the closed-loop from data to value is realized.

828 Enterprise Cloud Festival,Welcome to the cloud and governance special pick of enterprise data.

Insight into full SQL with one click, away from abnormal performance

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