Insert flash animation and music into HTML multimedia application web page


1、 Application of multimedia in HTML ﹣ false animation (insert flash animation into web page)

1. The first way to insert Flash Animation: using < embed >… < embed > to mark the animation will automatically shrink

SRC = URL (flash path)
Width = pixel / percentage (flash width)
Height = pixel / percentage (false height)
Window to play flash’s own rectangular window
Opaque makes the flash hidden page behind it
Transparent makes the background of flash transparent

< embed SRC = “.. /.. / material library / Flash animation material / text 1. SWF” width = “600” > < / embed >

< embed SRC = “.. /.. / material library / Flash animation material / picture commercial home advertising. SWF” wmode = “window” > < / embed >

2. The second way to insert Flash Animation: use < Object >… < Object > tag to insert flash animation, or use DW software to automatically generate code < Object >, insert — Multimedia — select file

2、 Multimedia application in HTML MP3 (insert music into web page)

1. Use < embed >… < embed >
Property value description
Utostart true / false auto / non auto play
Loop number of digital music cycles (unlimited if not added)

Its predecessor is < bgSound SRC = “URL” loop = “times” > which can be used as background music

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The code is as follows:

< embed SRC = “.. /.. / material library / Cai chunjia – wait for a sunny day. Mp3” autostart = “true” loop = “4” > < / embed >
< bgSound SRC = “.. /.. / material library / Deng Ziqi – hourglass of memories. Mp3” / >

2. Use the < Object >… < Object > tag to insert MP3 music
Property value description
Name SRC (path) music path
Whether utoplay (true / false) plays automatically

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The code is as follows:

< object data = “.. /.. / material library / Cai chunjia – wait for a sunny day. Mp3” >
< param name = “SRC” value = “.. /.. / material library / Cai chunjia – wait for a sunny day. Mp3” / >
<param name=”autoplay” value=”flase” />

3、 Set text to be active

< marquee > active text < / marquee > (there are limitations, some browsers do not support it well)

Direction = “scroll direction” (left (default)), right (right), up (up), down (down))
Behavior = “scroll” (circle, slide, alternate)
Loop = “number of cycles to scroll” the default loop is infinite
Scrolldelay = “delay” (step by step, stop by step)
Scrollamount = “speed” (the higher the value, the faster)
Bgcolor = “back color”
Width = “width”
Height = “height”
Hspace = “pixel” space between left and right sides and browser boundary
VSpace = “pixel” the distance between the upper and lower sides from the browser boundary
OnMouseOver = “this. Stop()”: stop scrolling when the mouse is over
Onmouseout = “this. Start()” take the mouse and continue to scroll

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The code is as follows:

<marquee direction=”left” behavior=”scroll” scrollamount=”3″ bgcolor=”#FFFFCC” width=”440″ height=”250″ hspace=”100″ vspace=”100″ onmouseover=”this.stop()” onmouseout=”this.start()”>
<ul type=”square”>
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