[industry sharing] dingdong classroom Qiu Mingfeng: Exploration of the final form of online education


[industry sharing] dingdong classroom Qiu Mingfeng: Exploration of the final form of online education

On November 24, the education and technology sub forum of 2020get conference sponsored by Jigou technology was successfully held in Beijing. Six senior education / technology celebrities from dingdong classroom, Xiaobing, 360os, tomato field art and Jigou technology shared in-depth at the forum.

The following is a speech by Ding Dong classroom CEO Qiu Mingfeng with the theme of “exploration of the final form of online education”. We have sorted out the core content of sharing. If you miss the activity, you can continue to look back and learn.

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[industry sharing] dingdong classroom Qiu Mingfeng: Exploration of the final form of online education

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Qiu Mingfeng believes that:The core problem of online education is the low efficiency of supply side and demand side, and the way to solve the problem is artificial intelligence. Although there are still many shortcomings in AI, with the continuous progress of AI Artificial Intelligence, most of the problems can be solved. At the present stage, AI can meet the needs of children’s education.

The following is a transcript of Qiu Mingfeng’s speech:

This year, online education has become the most popular track. As a practitioner of online education, I am also the founder of AI classroom. I have been thinking about how much value AI class has for online education? What will online education look like in the future?

I personally think the things that the Internet wants to change should be more thorough and more future. So I joined in “Ai + education” in February 2018, founded dingdong classroom, and launched the first online education product based on AI technology in July 2018.

1、 The problem of real person mode

I think the core problem of online education is the high cost and small number of real teachers.

There are more than 100 million primary school students in China. If all these users come to class, how many teachers can provide them? If one million students come to class at the same time, how many good teachers can offer them? A few years ago, some products were used by real foreign teachers to provide teachers in North America. I’m also reflecting on a question: when do Chinese people have the money to go to children’s classes and invite Americans to English classes? And the price of a single class is more than one hundred or two hundred yuan, and a set meal is twenty or thirty thousand yuan.

2、 The core of online education: efficiency

Since it is online education, it is necessary to solve the efficiency problem of the industry just like the Internet. It is not enough to solve the regional problem of teachers and students. The efficiency problem of online education has two parts: the supply side and the demand side

Supply side efficiency

As the supply side, what do online education institutions need to provide for students? There are two core points

1. How many teachers are there?If you can supply unlimited products to meet the needs of the vast majority of students, that is a good efficiency improvement.

2. How many tutors are there.If your service teachers can also do not need teachers to serve, or as few teachers as possible to serve, when all the students and parents’ questions can be automatically answered, it is also an unlimited supply.

Demand side efficiency

1. Interesting and effective

For a child, an interesting and effective classroom is something he would like to sign up for. As a parent, I once took my children to a lot of offline classes, no matter football class, badminton class, or programming class. After the experience class, the first sentence was to ask him, “baby, do you like it?” I believe that when choosing a product for their children, the first consideration of parents in lower grades is to be interesting and effective.

2. Thousands of people, thousands of faces

I think thousands of people and thousands of faces is the ability that online education enterprises should provide to users. I believe everyone has a feeling of the so-called “thousands of people, thousands of faces”. When you are in primary school, junior high school and high school, you will find that if you are a Xueba, you will feel that the teacher’s speaking is too slow and simple. If you are a scum, you will feel that what the teacher says is too difficult to understand. However, if there is a classroom that knows where you are wrong, it will be the best efficiency improvement for students and parents. It’s not that a teacher in a large class teaches 1000 students the same content. The content of learning is very high, which is my appeal to thousands of people.

3. Anytime, anywhere

My son is in the fourth grade this year. When he was tutoring him at the weekend, he found that he didn’t know what he knew, but he couldn’t find a platform to do special leak detection for him. Either you can only follow the progress of large classes, or you need to teach one-on-one, and your teacher is not very good. For one-to-one foreign teachers, they need to make an appointment one day in advance, otherwise the teacher can’t do it. If there is a good teacher anytime and anywhere, his class is very interesting, and what he teaches has a certain effect on himself, and the cost performance is also very high. Such an education platform and organization is my dream and hope.

The solution to these needs can only be AI, and there are still shortcomings in current AI. But with the progress of technology five or 10 years later, it will continue to iterate forward and solve the problem. Although AI class can’t reach the teacher’s level of 100 points, AI class can solve most of the problems, especially for children in the early stage, which can already meet most of the needs.

3、 AI ability of dingdong classroom

Dingdong classroom was launched in July 2018, and there are many competitions in the same industry. Why has no one surpassed us? It is because we have accumulated a lot in the field of AI at the beginning.

What do we do on AI?

1. Voice engine.Dingdong classroom has more than 100000 hours of children’s corpora. I believe that iFLYTEK, the largest university of science and technology, does not necessarily have many corpora with AI children. In addition, the company’s self-developed speech recognition technology specially designed for context related speech recognition, and the accuracy rate will be as high as 98.2%.

2. Video technology.In fact, there will be a lot of jitter in video splicing. What have we done to make the experience better? We make the video splicing process very smooth. After the whole face changing technology of the video is recorded, the teacher can take and make up the lesson. If a certain knowledge point is missed and needs to be made up again, they can make it up.

3. Automation services.We have also done one thing, service teachers need unlimited supply. A teacher can serve 1000 students, and the goal is that a teacher can serve 10000 students in the future, and output comments to tens of thousands of students in 10 minutes.

4. Several core data.Now tens of thousands of classes a day, there are no teachers online, and the number of teachers is zero. We also need a teacher’s certificate, but there are only four teachers in several subjects, and the service ratio is 1:10000. The retention rate of products, because we are light class, not heavy class, light class can also do children after six months of learning, there are more than 90% of the retention. There are 72% retained users of M16.

4、 What is the product form of online education?

Back to the topic I wanted to talk about at the beginning, what is online education like? As a person with a product background, I like to think from the perspective of users and divide users into three age groups

1. Users aged 2-5:Kindergartens, below big class and below middle class. His concentration is only 10 minutes. It’s impossible for him to have two hours of class, not even half an hour. So dingdong class did AI animation class, the children are very happy, there is an idiom to describe the process of children’s class: “tear heart and crack lung” to roar English words. There is another data that can prove that children like AI animation class. The number of repeated classes in a single class reaches 2.45.

2. Users aged 5-10:In educational psychology, we found that children under the age of 10 had only 20 minutes of concentration, so we did a 1-on-2 AI class. The simulation is the experience of having a class with a real teacher. The 1-to-2 mode allows the children to have PK competition environment, and the degree of participation is higher.

3. Users over 10 years old:There are 45 minutes of concentration. The current large class can meet most of the needs, but I still have a question mark about the shape of the future, which needs us to explore.

Why do you need a real master? Imagine designing a class, recording all possible situations of one-to-one class, and then recording all kinds of correct and wrong scores. We call it “decision tree”. Will AI class be worse than the real class? The AI class that can interact with students one-on-one can be compared with a large class with 1 pair of 1000 teachers. As a famous teacher, I can learn from thousands of people and face to face whenever and wherever I want. Which one would you choose?

But I believe that AI is the future of online education. I believe that this problem will be proved in five years.

In fact, I quite like the phrase “harmony and symbiosis” of instant construction technology. When dingdong school started in 2018, instant construction technology provided great help in the early stage. Without the maximum support of instant construction technology, dingdong classroom might be delayed for one year.

When we put forward technical requirements for instant technology, they said, “you need better audio and video capabilities than ordinary audio and video communications.” Because only strong enough technical support can achieve more efficient interaction.