India’s “professors” claim to be the son of God and defraud high registration fees for experts in the field of Shanzhai robots



Do you remember the news that broke everyone’s Three Outlooks last year? An Indian AI start-up company has even obtained nearly $30 million in financing by pretending that it can use AI programs to generate websites and apps. It’s as ridiculous as someone in the ATM machine is responsible for counting your money.

This time something more ridiculous happened, and it was still in India. P.S. jagadeesh Kumar, an Indian professor who claims to be the eldest son of Shiva (one of the three main Hindu gods), actually held a fake AI meeting and charged a registration fee of 450 euro, about 3670 yuan (exchange rate on August 24).

The founder of Shanzhai conference — the fake identity of “son of God”

The abbreviation of this Shanzhai conference is ICRA, which is the same as the acronym of the real robot industry. The full name of the Li Gui conference is “International Conference on Robotics and Applications”. The last word “applications” is different from the “automation” of the real conference.

Although the abbreviation is the same, but even those who sign up for the meeting are also talents with certain knowledge and experience, how can they be easily deceived?

To make the scam realistic, P.S. jagadeesh Kumar, who claims to be “the son of God,” also created a website to organize a so-called organizing committee to receive papers. Not only that, he also edited four doctorates for himself by forging information, which not only covered a wide range of specialties, but also obtained degrees from famous universities such as Harvard and Cambridge. And these, in his resume, only took 10 years to “do”.


Strive to create academic talent

Even more incredible is that he can forge personal information, after all, with his mouth. But how did he get his so-called thesis works? How could there be thousands of citations? Is P.S. jagadeesh Kumar really a “son of God”?

In fact, he just took advantage of the loopholes in Google’s academic page, using the same name as a fake conference, or adding his own name to other people’s works, or even ranking his name in the position of a book. It has to be said that the son of God is really brave and careful. If he hadn’t been found this time, he might have been playing the role of academic bull for many years.

His series of operations also include changing the names of authors with similar names to himself in Google academic search, and even publishing a book on robot deep learning.


P. S. jagadeesh Kumar’s deception seems ridiculous, but it also reflects a kind of chaos in the academic world. In fact, he made a lot of efforts to make fraud. He not only wrote fake papers, but also did a lot of things to make the deception more realistic. If he really put these efforts into research, maybe he could get a degree or two.

Why do fake meetings exist?

Similar events are common. Some of these Shanzhai meetings will be held as scheduled, but the results can be foreseen. Some people who have paid money don’t know what to say on stage. In addition to fake meetings, there are fake journals and fake awards.

A Hungarian college student studying in the UK had always wanted to attend a neuroscience industry conference. When she found out the conference information on the Internet, she signed up excitedly. However, after she handed in the 225 pound registration fee, she found herself cheated, but the registration fee could not be recovered. For students who are still in University, 225 is a huge expense, so she had to expose the matter and seek help.

In fact, this kind of fraud is not the first time. In addition to the existence of fake academic conferences, some scholars even know that it is fake for the sake of “top experience”.

The process of these fake academic conferences is the same as that of real conferences. They collect papers, invite you to attend conferences, and even give speeches. But the difference is that it does not have the academic editing standards. As long as you pay a high registration fee, you can “perform on stage”. There are more and more such meetings, even with a special pronoun – predatory meetings.


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