In WinForm, set the sensitivity of the mouse wheel zoom of ZedGraph and the way to set the wheel zoom (whether the mouse focus is the center or the center of the graph)



In winforn, set the properties of ZedGraph curve, coordinate axis and scale:

Multiple Y axes of ZedGraph are implemented in WinForm (download with source code):

On the graph, when the mouse wheel zooms, there are two ways to zoom:

Zooms around the focus of the mouse.

Zoom to the center of the drawing.

And you can also set its sensitivity when scaling.


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The default zoom method is to zoom at the center of the drawing, if you want to change to zoom with the mouse focus as the center.

zgc.IsZoomOnMouseCenter = true;


Of which zgc:

ZedGraphControl zgc


If you want to change its zoom sensitivity

Set its zoomstepfraction property



Zgc.zoomstepfraction = 0.05; // the higher the mouse sensitivity value is, the more sensitive it is