In the middle of the year, I have prepared a small number of automated interview questions. Welcome to the self-test


Programming grammar questions:

  1. What data types does Python have
  2. How to merge two dictionaries
  3. How does Python write JSON to a file?
  4. Will the code in finally be executed after return in the except statement?
  5. What are variable and immutable types?
  6. Is the parameter passed by value or reference during Python function call?
  7. Differences between deep and shallow Python copies
  8. Why does Python use *args and * *kwargs
  9. Knowledge of Python inheritance and polymorphism? Can a parent class use methods of a child class?
  10. Talk about your understanding of packaging
  11. What is the function of the self parameter in Python?
  12. Common methods of OS module in Python?
  13. What Python built-in libraries and third-party libraries do you use in your work?
  14. What is PEP 8?
  15. Select a class defined by yourself in your work, and explain how you encapsulate it? When does the external use your class.


Code question:
16. Please use Python script to realize the sum from 1 to 100.
17. Write an anonymous function so that it can add. For example, input 1 and 2 to calculate the result as 3
      18、list_ 1=[1,2,1,2,15,4,3,2,1,2], remove the list_ 1, and sort from large to small.
19. Count the number of words in the string. Words here refer to continuous characters that are not spaces. Note that you can assume that the string does not contain any unprintable characters.
[output] input: “Hello, my name is John” output: 5
Explanation: the word here refers to consecutive characters that are not spaces, so “hello” counts as one word.
20. How to use lambda 11 +22 +3*3 …
21. Implementing Fibonacci sequence in Python


Automated basic capability assessment:

  1. Differences between JSON and dictionary
  2. Which modules does the unittest framework include?
  3. How does Python connect to the database?
  4. Does jemeter or postman implement multi interface correlation testing? How to associate?
  5. How to do the assertion of interface automation
  6. If you need to delete an interface with an automated test, what should you do with assertions
  7. How to handle verification code in the process of automation
  8. How to write automated test cases
  9. What are the pre implementations of pytest?

10. What are the startup methods of appium
11. What is the difference between explicit waiting and implicit waiting in Web UI automation
12. Is there any case where the element cannot be located? How?
13. If the element has no ID and there are many iframes, it is also a problem to write XPath, that is, neither ID nor XPath can be used. How do you locate it?
14. If the same browser opens two windows, which command in selenium should be used to switch?
15. Has app automation been done? Do you know which technical frameworks are used?
16. Does app automation use a real machine or a virtual machine?
17. What is the Po mode and what is the page factory?
18. Briefly describe the principle of selenium
19. UI automation test cases are often unstable during operation, that is, they can pass this time, but they will not pass next time. How to improve the stability of the use cases?

Evaluation of actual combat capability of automation project:

  1. Is automation a self built framework or an existing framework, just some use cases written into it?
  2. Talk about how to do automated testing at work?
  3. If the company wanted to do automation and let you do it, what would you consider?
  4. How to handle the data dependency of upstream and downstream interfaces in the process of automated testing? Please specify the design logic details of this part in your framework.
  5. How does pytest switch between multiple environments?
  6. How to clean up the database after pytest runs all cases?
  7. Are there loggers in the framework built by app automation and screenshots when use cases fail? Which library does the screenshot use?
  8. Did the previously deployed automation framework run on one machine or multiple machines? Is it a machine to run or a master computer to operate each extension to run?
  9. Login where are these use case data obtained? Excel? What method is used? What third-party library?

Cough, please reply to the self-test results in the comment area.

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