In the Internet age, is there still a chance to be a netizen?


Since 2020, affected by the epidemic, offline store transactions have shrunk significantly, and new online consumption based on Internet e-commerce platform has been rapidly filled, showing a number of new trends.

From live delivery, online ordering to door-to-door delivery and community group purchase, Internet consumption has become a bright color in the consumer market. Internet consumption is becoming a new way of consumption.

At the end of June this year, “Internet marketers” were officially included in the national occupational classification ceremony. Internet marketing practitioners have obtained “official certification” and ushered in a new era of standardized development.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 1700 enterprises engaged in online Red related businesses in China, with 885 newly added since 2017, accounting for 50.5%.

From the perspective of geographical distribution, China’s online Red related enterprises are more concentrated in Beijing, Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province, almost accounting for “half” of the online Red Jianghu. Among them, Beijing and Guangdong have more than 300 enterprises engaged in related business.

In the Internet age, is there still a chance to be a netizen?

The Internet is very popular,But the capital behind it is the biggest beneficiaryThe tiktok and tiger teeth were listed successfully in 18 years. The Kwai Fu was a crazy pursuit of countless capital with huge traffic. Even the B station that had stayed out of the country had completed its share price transformation after the listing in the United States in 18 years.

Capital is lovely. It makes an ordinary person standing at the air outlet soar to the sky, but capital is ruthless. He will not hesitate to stay away from everything that can not bring him benefits

Those netizens who fly into the sky with the help of capital will abandon them decisively after the capital realizes that the traffic they bring is reduced. Therefore, these netizens fall freely at high altitude and fall to pieces.

What is more cruel is that they who have enjoyed the pleasure of flying must learn to walk again.

This is an era when communication becomes more and more smooth. In the future, more and more kinds of online celebrities will emerge, but,The traditional net red, which is popular on earth, spoof and novelty, is destined to face the challenge of “knowledge and technology”.

Now when the net is popular, do you still have a chance to be popular? The answer is yes.

This is a good time and a bad time for wanghong

How to make yourself “red” for a long time should be a serious problem for everyone who wants to become a net red.