In the future, industrial blockchain will no longer be a mirage


Since the opening of the blockchain by the state, the supervision is also increasing, and the whole industry has entered a state of contraction. Cracking down on virtual currency transactions and guarding against blockchain fraud has become a popular advertising slogan. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places have begun to suppress digital currency trading related activities.

At present, many trading platforms and project parties in the market have begun to keep a low profile, leading to a decline in the prices of various digital currencies. Even so, the regulatory control of digital currency has not been reduced, and many trading platforms and blockchain projects are in a state of suspension. Will the blockchain industry cool down if it continues?

Of course not, because blockchain is not equal to digital currency speculation, only the combination of technology and real industry can give full play to the advantages and value of blockchain. Therefore, the blockchain is not cool, but by eliminating the illegal activities and projects in the industry, lay the foundation for the real high-quality resources, and meet the blue ocean market of the blockchain industry in the future.


Industrial blockchain

In the future, industrial blockchain will no longer be a mirage

In essence, blockchain connects different industries into a network with practical value through digital ecology, and its asset capability plays a unique role in the digital economy. For industrial blockchain, its development may be divided into three aspects:

Firstly, blockchain solves the disadvantages of centralized system and realizes data trustworthiness;

Second, combine with other technologies to solve the relationship of business mutual trust and reshape the business cooperation mode;

The third is to establish a new value system in the era of digital economy.

Therefore, industrial blockchain is an important stage in the future development of blockchain, which aims to solve specific problems in the current business environment, such as reducing costs and improving efficiency.

At this stage, blockchain is not only a digital currency in economic development. In the future, “blockchain + industry” will be more attractive to the market, but also can build a value friendship bridge between enterprises and customers.


Speed up the high speed operation of traditional industries

In the future, industrial blockchain will no longer be a mirage

Through peer-to-peer distributed accounting, consensus mechanism between nodes, asymmetric encryption technology and intelligent contract, blockchain has established a strong value transmission network, which fully reflects its value transmission and programmability characteristics, such as decentralization, tamper proof and distributed accounting.

With the block chain entering into traditional industries, these characteristics provide effective solutions for the upgrading of traditional industries, reshape traditional industries and improve industrial efficiency.

In the financial industry, blockchain has solved the problem of “from the virtual to the real”, established an efficient value transmission mechanism, promoted the liquidity of traditional industry assets through asset digitization, transformed and upgraded traditional industry to digitization, and built a new ecosystem of blockchain industry.

At first, the combination of blockchain and real industry is to increase trust for the industry by making use of the characteristics of blockchain, such as non tampering. However, in the actual industrial application scenario of blockchain, the industry has high trust requirements for data, which is also the main direction for the large-scale implementation of industrial blockchain.

With the solution of the “trust” problem, multi-party cooperation among enterprises is solved one by one through blockchain smart contracts, information sharing and other means. The judicial, financial, medical and other industries simplify the traditional industrial processes, improve the efficiency of cooperation, and realize real value interconnection.

It is not difficult to see that in the early stage of the development of industrial blockchain, data trust is the crucial foundation. Identity authentication, asset transaction, data trust and other scenarios will derive and expand more functions based on this, so as to better serve the real economy.


Closely linked with the financial industry

In the future, industrial blockchain will no longer be a mirage

In the future, the financial industry will be the main direction of blockchain development, mainly because there are many pain points in the traditional financial industry that need blockchain technology to solve. Therefore, the combination of blockchain and financial industry is inseparable.

Specifically, blockchain can not only make the asset chain circulate on and off the chain and form digital assets, but also play an important role in the future development of financial market and digital economy. It can map the assets under the chain to the chain, so that the data can be effectively and reasonably applied, so as to reduce the complexity of the financial system and improve the operation efficiency and the liquidity of assets.

In the era of blockchain finance, its real value is more reflected in the value interconnection. While solving the underlying trust problem of the Internet, it realizes the information and data sharing between finance and the real industry, and promotes the financial industry to get rid of the virtual to the real quickly.

It can be seen that the development of industrial finance needs to open up the relationship between the upstream and downstream of the industry, form a big data closed loop, and promote the innovation and development of the financial industry to better serve the real economy.


Will the implementation of “blockchain +” be a mirage?

Blockchain technology community

Will the implementation of blockchain industry really become a mirage? For the most important financial industry at present, there are many practical cases of blockchain implementation.
As early as 2014, the Central Bank of China set up a leading group for research on legal digital currency, and released a series of research reports on the issue of digital currency the next year. In 2016, the target of the first public offering of digital currency.

Now, the digital currency of the central bank has taken shape and is ready to go. However, from the perspective of the financial industry, blockchain landing application cases abound. For example, JD Global’s 2018 strategic plan uses blockchain Traceability Technology to realize the whole process of product anti-counterfeiting traceability; In terms of entertainment, Hollywood cracked down on pirated films through blockchain; In terms of medical treatment, Wal Mart has obtained the patent of recording cases with blockchain; Even in the legal aspect, Hangzhou Internet court established the legal review mode of blockchain electronic deposit.

In addition, blockchain has been used in many application scenarios in other industries. It can be seen that blockchain is based on the future and focuses on solving the pain point problem of real industry.



Standing at the outlet of the blockchain, combining with the real economy, focusing on the future development and integrating technological innovation, it will truly build the blockchain real industry, seek an efficient, shared and credible blockchain consensus mechanism, enable the real economy and boost the industrial upgrading. Accelerate the underlying technology innovation of blockchain, expand application scenarios and implement. However, different industries are faced with different pain points and needs. How to solve the problems in these industries is the primary task of the current blockchain.

**Blockchain technology community**

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In the future, industrial blockchain will no longer be a mirage