In the age of AI, what’s your career? 99% can’t face it!


In the age of AI, what's your career? 99% can't face it!

When I was 10, the fortune teller told me that when I was 30, I would play with brother Ba every day.
At that time, I was at a loss, thinking about who my brother-in-law was, but at the age of 30, I realized that I was really with brother-in-law day and night.

In the age of AI, what's your career? 99% can't face it!

At one time, we were also worried about whether our future jobs would be taken away by artificial intelligence, but Killian Weinberg, an associate professor of computer science at Cornell University, said in an interview with “life science” that the more terrible thing is that immoral people use artificial intelligence for evil ideas than artificial intelligence to generate self-existence consciousness and destroy human beings.

Now, our fear of AI has gradually changed from uneasiness and competition to cooperation. Weinberg also said that if people can put aside their fear of AI, they will be more willing to recognize the benefits of AI.

In the age of AI, what's your career? 99% can't face it!

So in the age of AI, want to use big data to know your career development in this life? Want to test your future career with AI? It’s really interesting.

Now that you are here today, let Alibaba cloud measure your future cloud career. I heard that 99% of the people tested are unable to face the career results of their own in the AI era. Will you be a smart algorithm prophet? Or a robot trainer? Or……

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