In order to enable you to use fluent, I’m going to do some video tutorials



It’s the annual Spring Festival holiday again, and it’s time to open the gap between people!

Last year, due to the epidemic, I taught myself flutter at home for nearly a month, and then wrote a bunch of flutter projects on GitHub, which received quite good response

The following is the flutter project I wrote at that time. You can play with it if you are interested.

In order to enable you to use fluent, I'm going to do some video tutorials

  • Fluent complete learning projectFlutterSample:
  • Fluent template projectflutter_template:
  • Fluent version update plug-influtter_xupdate:
  • Flyer version update pop-up componentflutter_update_dialog:
  • Flutter version update caseflutter_app_update_example:

So how are you going to spend the Spring Festival this year? Have you thought it over and followed me to study hard and overtake on a curve while others are playing games and brushing Tiktok during the holidays?

Decided to do several video tutorials

In fact, it’s not very difficult to learn flutter. As long as you have some experience in mobile terminal development, I believe you can easily master the development of flutter in a very short time

I’ve also written some articles about flutter before, but I don’t think you’ve gained much. Maybe you just look at it and don’t do some practical application development in person, which can’t stimulate your interest

In fact, I have said before:The best way to learn a skill is to do itMost of the time, the knowledge obtained from books or articles is quite cheap. This kind of knowledge may be useful in exams, but when we enter the society, we will find that those knowledge will basically be forgotten after stepping out of school, because those knowledge do not belong to you, and only the knowledge you understand in your practical practice belongs to you

Therefore, in order to improve your hands-on ability, help you learn more effectively, and also help me review some of the knowledge of flutter, I decided to start the production of flutter series video tutorials

Here is the first flutter video I made. It’s full of dry goods:…

The benchmark is my previous article: quick start series – Fluent application development template

In the future, I will make some flutter related teaching videos to share with you. Since si no does not support video uploading, you can pay attention to my BiliBili account: xuexiangjys, or my wechat official account:[my android open source journey], I will release it to the above two platforms regularly