In June, the list came out: Python topped the list one after another!


It’s right. As the biggest player in programming, Python is dominating the list again!!!

In June of this year, pypl’s latest report has been published, and Python’s continuous success has been stopped! Let’s take a look at the report

No suspense, no surprise, no waves,Python continues to take itNO.1, if you remember correctly, python has been on the road to slaughter the list since last year, ranking first every month, which is a heavy blow to other languages.

Java, once the overlord, fell the most severely, directly-1.8%, C + + dropped 6, JS also continued to drop, only Python in the top 10 languages keptPositive momentum + 4.7%

For what? Why? How fast can Python grow?

The reason is that we are in a fast-moving era, the inevitable choice of it circle. Because of the same function, Java needs to write 100 lines, while Python only needs to write 10 lines, which is the most efficient.

As the saying goes, the layman watches the bustle while the layman watches the doorway. OK, now you know the hot situation of python, but it takes a lot of effort to learn a programming language, so I think you are most concerned about:

Is it necessary for me to study?

Is this programming language suitable for me?

How should I learn?

Do you want to learn Python?

The future is an era of artificial intelligence, and there is reason to believe that Python will play a greater role.In this era, there is no reason to know nothing about python.

Let’s take a look at the current situation of Python industry:

Let’s take a look at Python salary analysis:

National average salary of Python Engineers: RMB 19160 / month, from 12809 samples

Do you see that? I don’t care. Anyway, I’m in the mood~~

Why learn Python?

1. Easy to learn, mainstream

Python is known by many programmers as “the best programming language in the universe”, which is easy to use.

2. Various library support

Python is a versatile technical glue, supporting various tool libraries, and open source.

3. Language of the times

As the supporting language of artificial intelligence and big data, python has become the top language.

Who is the right person to learn Python?

>New programmer / student in school

If you are a self-control, self-motivated person who wants to change the status quo through learning, start with Python!

>Front end developers

Don’t want to be limited to H5 and CSS3 development, python will be your best choice.

>Want to be a full stack Development Engineer

Determined to be an all-round talent, one person to finish the front and back.

>Transformation and development of network operation and maintenance

Engaged in traditional network operation and maintenance work, want to transform and develop.

>Traditional it to Internet

From traditional enterprise software development to Web Internet.

>Ready for AI

Python is the preferred development language of artificial intelligence, seizing the future and becoming an AI talent.

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